Special Optics


Wood is one of the most important materials of the architectural design. Most people perceive wood as pleasant, comfortable and warm.

Because the coarse structure and different shades radiate naturalness. A big trend in interior design are rough wooden beams, to serve up as columns or joists. But to decorate the walls with real wood, so far required a lot of effort and is very expensive.

The perfect alternative for this is: a wallpaper that was based on the original material. More and more wallpapers are produced in wood look. Of wide wooden-boards over narrow wooden slats, to the entire surface wood finishes for every taste.

Also, different types of wood such as oak, pine or maple are placed true to wallpaper. By the popular country house style, which consists of many natural materials, this wood-imitation wallpapers are very popular. They give the walls a rustic, natural and warm look. Also, the surface becomes more and more adapted to the original material.

Irregular notches or slightly foamed structures are palpable and let the wallpaper look deceptively real. In addition to the types of wood surfaces, the color also plays also an important role. You can get them in natural colors and brightly painted or coated optics. Also bleached wood looks in light grey tones are popularly used because they can make the room seem bigger and brighter.


Also, the natural stone is a big trend in the current interior design: Because it is asked for special surfaces such as stone and concrete, that speak a special material-language: a stone wall, for example, has a stable and durable.

Sophisticated and classy act slate walls, the room gets hold by natural stone walls. Concrete areas represent modern construction and architecture. But to cover up the walls with natural stone or concrete required much effort so far.

As the material wallpaper in stone look is the perfect Alternative. Through the non-woven carrier, the wallpaper is processed quickly and easily. Again, there are different types of stones, arrangement, colors and structure.

Elegant act e.g. anthracite slate tiles in a rectangular shape. A contrast are warm sand-stones, that are composed as a mosaic. They give a character from the Mediterranean-Style. But also special and high quality material- wallpapers items that should be handled by a professional.

When processing the paths are inserted into the prepared adhesive bed and pressed with a rubber roller. Thanks to its relief-like structure the material wallpaper is hardly to distinguished from the model, moreover, it is easily and universally aapplicable. The material can be processed like wallpaper and is also flexible. As a wall covering in experiential spaces, such as Bars and restaurants they create an atmospheric and elegant ambience. And in offices and lobbies, they provide a stylish reception.

3D Effectspezielle-optiken_3d

3D stands for 3-dimensional and is a synonym for the spatial representation of bodies. This style usually consists of the spatial dimensions height, width and length.

A wallpaper with 3D effect was previously used exclusively for advertising purposes, because the production was too expensive and too complicated for the average consumer.

Through a digital printing process on vinyl wallpaper, 3D wallpaper was later also possible for everybody. A wallpaper with 3D effect is definitely an eye-catcher for your home.

She draws the eye immediately to itself and is something special. Combine this 3D - with simple wallpaper or unis in rich colors. In our wallapper-shop you will find 3D-wallpapers from the collection „Daniel Hechter 4“.