Material symbols

Fabric and care symbols

Every fabric and textile product has a corresponding recommended care. The fabric icons help you so you can make nothing wrong and treat your fabrics and textiles optimally.

Iron 110°buegeln_110

Iron is warm between 80-110 ° C. Good to nylon, acrylic and acetate to ironing.


Iron 150°buegeln_150

Iron is hot between 150-170°C. Right temperature to iron wool and polyester blend.


Iron 200°buegeln_200

Iron is very hot, the temperature is between 200-220°C. Ideal for linen and cotton to temples.


Coloreds washing 40°buntwaesche_40

Machine wash allowed up to a temperature of 40°C.


Coloreds washing 60°buntwaesche_60

Machine wash allowed up to a temperature of 60°C.


Delicades washing 30°feinwaesche_30

Only in special wash gentle cycle at 30°C.


Delicades washing 40°feinwaesche_40

Only in special wash gentle cycle to 40°C.


Hand washinghandwaesche

Material only clean by hand washing at 40°C maximum.


Do not ironnciht_buegeln

The fabric can not be ironed.


Do not tumble drynicht_trockner_geeignet

Material may not be dried in the dryer.


Do not washnicht_waschen

The material should not be washed.



Material is suitable for tumble drying.