Nena - designer wallpapers from the popstar Nena and Marburg in retro look

In collaboration with the Marburger wallpaper factory, Nena has released an impressive designer wallpaper collection. In the style of the 70s, these wallpapers enchant with cheery colors and retro patterns such as circles, drops and zebra skin.

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6-46102 Nena Marburg white rosa türkis mural songtext 99 Ballons
Item no.: 6-46102
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57215 uni wallpaper lightblue mat non-woven plain
Item no.: 6-57215
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57209 taupe-brown mat non-woven wallpaper Uni plain
Item no.: 6-57209
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-57236 Nena Marburg non-woven wallpaper points gray salmon plain mat
Item no.: 6-57236
2,11 €/m21,21€*29,45 €
6-57226 Nena Marburg non-woven gray salmon hellgray stripes
Item no.: 6-57226
2,11 €/m21,21€*29,45 €
6-57271 Nena Marburg non-woven Uniwallpaper yellow mat plain
Item no.: 6-57271
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-57216 Nena Marburg mintgreen non-woven uni wallpaper plain mat
Item no.: 6-57216
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-57275 Nena Marburg non-woven Uniwallpaper white plain mat
Item no.: 6-57275
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57213 lightgray mat plain non-woven uni wallpaper
Item no.: 6-57213
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-46099 songtext 99 ballons mural bunt white
Item no.: 6-46099
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
6-57228 Nena Marburg retro stripes non-woven wallpaper white blue silver
6-57239 Nena Marburg points retro white silver blue non-woven
Item no.: 6-57239
2,11 €/m21,21€*29,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-46101 mural 99 ballons Text white blue yellow
Item no.: 6-46101
95,35 €/Stück95,35€*132,45 €
Marburg Nena 6-57211 non-woven wallpaper apricot uni wallpaper mat plain
Marburg Nena 6-57205 uni wallpaper non-woven pink mat plain
Item no.: 6-57205
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
6-57212 Nena Marburg red non-woven mat uni wallpaper plain
Item no.: 6-57212
1,97 €/m19,77€*27,45 €
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The high-quality wallpaper collection Nena by the pop star herself and the Marburger wallpaper factory brings the 70s style into your home.

Typical patterns of the seventies like "squinting eyes" were picked up and translated into fresh colors like beige and apricot. Due to the bright colors like pink, turquoise and green, the retro patterns look fresh and modern.

The designer wallpaper with the drop pattern in pink, green, orange and lime looks colorful and cheeky. Each pattern is available in a wide variety of colors. If you like it quieter, the drop pattern is also available in black, gray and silver.

Retro patterns with different stripes, graphic shapes, zebra patterns and dots become an extraordinary design feature in your living room or hallway. In combination with the matching Uni-wallpapers, the designer wallpapers become a sight in your home.

True Nena fans vote for "99 Luftballons" as a wallpaper. In different typographies and different color variations, the wall picture becomes a real eye-catcher.

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