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Wallpaper in country style - traditional meets classical and country life

The classic country house style is often repetitive patterns and natural pastel tones of the wallpaper by little. A popular patterns are small, romantic flowers and blossoms. Natural materials such as wood, stone, rattan or cotton supplement the typical country house wallpaper in kitchen and dining room and create a warm, natural atmosphere. A popular wallpaper pattern is also the stripes wallpaper.

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SALE offer set of 2 Rasch Textil Petite Fleur 3 23-285443 paper wallpaper gray stripes
Item no.: 23-285443_S
10,36 €/Stück10,36€*34,55 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit mural 36-BAP68467004 recipes green cream-white
Item no.: 36-BAP68467004
21,43 €/m59,99€*61,84 €
Erismann Vie en Rose 33-5821-09, 582109 non-woven wallpaper purple bedroom
Item no.: 33-5821-09
1,88 €/m18,94€*25,95 €
BN/Voca Riviera Maison be you 12-18304 non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 12-18304
4,97 €/m49,94€*
SALE offer set of 2 23-285054 Petite Fleur 3 Rasch Textil creamy white flowers paper
Item no.: 23-285054_S
20,00 €/Stück20,00€*34,55 €
7-449280 Florentine Rasch Flower Pattern non-woven wallpaper blue jeans
Item no.: 7-449280
2,20 €/m22,16€*29,95 €
Erismann Vie en Rose 33-5827-45, 582745 non-woven wallpaper purple kitchen
Item no.: 33-5827-45
1,88 €/m18,94€*25,95 €
Esprit 10 8-95827-2, 958272 Uni-woven wallpaper white struktuiert
Item no.: 8-95827-2
1,50 €/m15,08€*20,96 €
Erismann Vie en Rose 33-5827-05, 582705 non-woven wallpaper pink kitchen
Item no.: 33-5827-05
1,88 €/m18,94€*25,95 €
Rasch Florentine 7-449273-non-woven wallpaper watercolor flowers taupe
Item no.: 7-449273
2,20 €/m22,16€*29,95 €
Erismann Vie en Rose 33-5825-05, 582505 non-woven wallpaper pink living room
Item no.: 33-5825-05
1,88 €/m18,94€*25,95 €
Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68463010 mural orange cream recipes
Item no.: 36-BAP68463010
21,43 €/m59,99€*61,84 €
Rasch Textil Skagen 23-021001 non-woven wallpaper beige dinning room
Item no.: 23-021001
4,20 €/m42,19€*58,60 €
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In today's hectic times, you might crave after the country life and the associated landscape, freedom and naturalness. Bring this country life with the help of country style to your home.

Typical for the country-style small floral motifs, vines and fruit all the floral designs, there is a wide selection of small flowers to large vines and rose motifs. What fruit are terms often mapped to the country style wallpaper pears, lemons, plums and apples.

Also to be found are pictures of coffee designs, designs and other Mediterranean foods. What makes the country style including his pattern wallpaper with wood and stone patterns, which bring the pure nature in their home.

The floral pattern wallpaper can be nicely combined with checked patterns and uni wallpapers. In addition to these patterns wiping technique and loam are also very suitable for the country style. Wallpaper, country-style often have earth tones, such as beige and brown.

These colors often convey earthiness and naturalness. Bold colors such as red, purple and green as bring the necessary color to the room. When it comes to matching furniture, dominated in Germany and Austria rather dark wood, which is very rustic.

In southern countries rather lighter wood and natural stone tiles, as well as floral motifs and Mediterranean style. In any case, cottage style exudes natural beauty and easy.

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