Straight non-woven wallpaper - custom design and simple processing

Smooth walls are very modern and can be personalized. Smooth non-woven wallpaper you can conjure up a simple smooth walls. The simple wall adhesion technique, the processing is easy. Let your creativity run free and make and paint the walls to your liking.

Brillux Light fleece 130 approximately 0.75 x 40 m 1 rol
Item no.: 130100400000
1,25 €/m49,90€*
Painting non-woven Smooth non-woven Profivlies 120 G Overpaintable
Item no.: 7-140200
1,03 €/m10,36€*12,95 €
1 carton with 4 rolls. Kobau RS paper fleece 130gr a 0,75x25 mtr.
Item no.: 3-40820-VE
95,00 €/Stück95,00€*
Creativ non-woven Simple smooth non-woven wallpaper white
Item no.: 7-167009
1,99 €/m19,94€*

Smooth wallpaper murals impress with their unique features and unlimited design possibilities. The smooth wallpaper is very durable, crack-bridging and dimensionally stable. In addition, wall stickers adhere better than on woodchip wallpaper by the smooth surface.

The processing is simple. The walls must be before the start of clean, dust-free, fat-free and flat. The walls should be pretreated with a tape base. Then, the paste can be applied by brush on the wall. The wallpaper rolls are simply pressed against the wall. The soaking time as wallpaper omitted here. The smooth wallpaper can bridge small cracks in the wall. However, irregularities should be avoided as these can press.

Increasingly the woodchip wallpaper is replaced by a smooth non-woven wallpaper as smooth walls are very modern and timeless. The wallpaper can be used as a stress Rauhfasertapete with latex paint or latex paint and paint over several times again.

Create your four walls with smooth wallpaper wallpaper and rub it over to your liking.

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