Fiberglass wallpaper Wallcoverings - Creative shape of the wall design for private and commercial sectors

Convinced than fiberglass wall and ceiling lining with its unique material properties. These properties include dimensional stability, flame retardant and wholesomeness. It can be different depending on the coating application. At this individual wall design with fiberglass wallpaper will last a lifetime.

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Brillux FS CreaGlas weight fin. 3476 only f.BX Benel.
Item no.: 3476/0153350
16,62 €/Liter249,36€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG 2119 Property medium
Item no.: 345721190000
3,60 €/m179,93€*
Brillux CreaGlas Roll Adhesive ELF 378
Item no.: 037800050000
5,08 €/kg25,42€*
Brillux CreaGlas profession melody 2301
Item no.: 345723010000
6,51 €/m162,79€*
Brillux CreaGlas fine jute fabric profession in 2307
Item no.: 345723070000
6,19 €/m309,40€*
Brillux CreaGlas Profession 2319 Property medium
Item no.: 345723190000
2,57 €/m128,52€*
Brillux CreaGlas Profession 2311 fine
Item no.: 345723110000
4,42 €/m220,86€*
Brillux Light fleece 130 approximately 0.75 x 40 m 1 rol
Item no.: 130100400000
1,25 €/m49,90€*
Brillux CreaGlas Art-Line 3006 Vertiko macro
Item no.: 345730060000
12,00 €/m299,88€*
Brillux CreaGlas wetting device for tissue VG K
Item no.: 133500000000
1.351,84 €/Stück1.351,84€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG K 3101 glass mat Premium
Item no.: 345731010000
4,63 €/m138,80€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG K 3119 Property medium
Item no.: 345731190000
5,27 €/m263,70€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG 2118 Herringbone
Item no.: 345721180000
5,77 €/m144,23€*
Brillux CreaGlas 2K-PU-Finish 3471 white SG
Item no.: 347100050000xx
22,57 €/kg112,87€*
Brillux CreaGlas profession in 2308 coarse double chain
Item no.: 345723080000
3,98 €/m99,48€*
Brillux CreaGlas 1000 1000 VG primed glass fleece
Item no.: 345710000000
3,33 €/m166,60€*
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Glass fiber is formed from specially produced glass through a nozzle drawing process to fine glass fibers. These glass fibers are processed into glass yarn and from this arises the glass fabric.

The fabric is available in various textures and patterns. It has an attractive textile character and looks like looms produced fabric without recurrent positions. The glass expands and shrinks not, even under the influence of moisture it holds its excellent dimensional stability.

In case of fire ignite many other wall coverings, this does not apply to a glass tissue. This is flame-retardant and depending on the tissue class coating and flame retardant or non-combustible A2 B1.

The surface of the glass gets through appropriate coating a closed surface and can be connected by easy to clean. The glass can smudge-averse or even be resistant to disinfectants with appropriate surface coating.

This way you can use the glass fiber in commercial areas such as Schools, hotels, medical offices, hospitals....

A further advantage is that through the combination of glass cloth and adhesive dispersion one gets a very hard, durable and shock-resistant surface.

This property is often desirable in the private sector as in the corridor or the variety of possibilities of designs in the surface coating or with the color selection.

The super-healthy living through natural raw materials such as lime, silica sand and soda. With a glass fiber can make a room individually.

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