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Brillux CreaGlas Profession 2319 Property medium
Item no.: 345723190000
2,57 €/m128,52€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG 2118 Herringbone
Item no.: 345721180000
5,77 €/m144,23€*
Erfurt woodchip wallpaper 52 coarse textured white 0.75 x 125 m
Brillux CreaGlas VG K 3111 Fine
Item no.: 345731110000
7,06 €/m353,19€*
Brillux CreaGlas fine jute fabric profession in 2307
Item no.: 345723070000
6,19 €/m309,40€*
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In today's time which colors will gladly decided to get the wallpaper itself. In order to get a similar effect as a final produced non-woven wallpaper, there are white paintable wallpapers for these cases, which are produced on a non-woven backing.

Popular products Kobau RS Fleece, Beautiful Ceiling, Basics and fiberglass wallpaper is available in this category. Patent Decor, glass fiber or glass fiber fleece fabric with structure, or plain fabric. All products that you can use for this project.

Patent Decor is a paintable wall covering on certified non-woven backing. This is flame resistant, skin friendly, dimensionally stable and permeable to water vapor. The processing of patent Decors is simple.

It has no soft times, the tracks do not extend to the sticking out and you can use the wall adhesion technique. The wallpapers are then fully dry-strippable. Fiberglass wallpaper is through their properties the most durable wallpaper in the world!

It is dimensionally stable when wet, painted over several times, rot proof and durable. Thanks to these features, you can fiberglass wallpaper wallpapering almost everywhere, from the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, to the operating room, hospital and also at office.

There are also plain-material, which is super crack bridging or the paintable surface. This fabric is produced by several manufacturers and offers, such as the company Kobau. Very important is to check the smoothness of the walls and ceilings in processing.

The surface must be well plastered, sanded, clean, dry and load-bearing. Because of the backing of the wallpaper is made of fleece material is translucent and thus requires a same-colored surfaces. Now it is up to you which product you choose. However, they all have one wallpaper in common: They are white, paintable and can be individually designed by you.

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