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Wallpaper accessories and tools - paste, wide brush, cover, brush and more

Find in this category "Accessories" the right tool for your renovation. Order them to your wallpaper paste, wide brush, brush, cover and much more and start directly with the wallpapering. Useful Decorating Tool chest simplifies the work.

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ready-white Universal - Hand putty for wall and ceiling surfaces
Item no.: 188200100095
3,69 €/Liter36,94€*
Matador Siliciumca. paper 230 x 280 mm Grit P 240
Item no.: W91250
0,68 €/Stück0,68€*
Brillux Metylan New Plaster Paste 1kg
Item no.: 3-15215
16,99 €/kg16,99€*
Wallpaper Scissor SOLIX, stainless, Solingen-quality 30 cm
Item no.: 90270
14,88 €/Stück14,88€*
Skim Coating 40 cm wide, without wooden handle
Item no.: W91170
12,84 €/Stück12,84€*
Brillux FS CreaGlas weight fin. 3476 only f.BX Benel.
Item no.: 3476/0153350
15,07 €/Liter225,98€*
Plastic trowel to rub rubbing of teeth
Item no.: 90180
3,80 €/Stück3,80€*
Wallpapers protection / Wallpaper skin 1 Ltr
Item no.: 13080
13,85 €/Stück13,85€*
Decorating scissors, stainless, China Import 11
Item no.: 90260
4,90 €/Stück4,90€*
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In this category you will find some useful decorating tools and wallpaper accessories for renovation.

For the individual types of paper such as wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper there are special paste. The paste is applied with a brush or paintbrush on the wallpaper or wall.

Before wallpapering or painting, it is important to protect the furniture and floor. With thinner cover foil and tape to furniture and floor can be quickly, cover and protect well.

Depending on the condition of the substrate, the wall should be as are pretreated with a wallpaper primer. If you discover mold by the renovation, can be found in this category suitable products that combat the mildew.

Transitions of the strips of wallpaper can be laminated with a perfect seam adhesive and a seam roller. Decorating scissors, craft knife, spatula and different brushes and rollers are also important and useful tools for wallpapering.

Order them to your new wallpaper, the right tools and accessories and start directly with the renovation.

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