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Beautiful wallpaper for a small price!

Among SALE Action wallpaper is something for everyone. There are simple uni wallpapers but also unusual and unique pieces. And all at a great discounted price.

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SALE offer 1 piece BN Tapeten - Lef 12-30360 Wandbild
Item no.: 12-30360_S
30,00 €/Stück30,00€*99,00 €
SALE offer set of 2 23-285054 Petite Fleur 3 Rasch Textil creamy white flowers paper
Item no.: 23-285054_S
20,00 €/Stück20,00€*34,55 €
SALE offer set of 3 Erismann Cassiopeia 33-1760-01, 176001 non-woven wallpaper white bedroom
Item no.: 33-1760-01_S
180,00 €/Stück180,00€*287,88 €
SALE offer set of 3 Erismann Cassiopeia 33-1760-37, 176037 non-woven wallpaper taupe living room
SALE offer 11 roles AS Creation Daniel Hechter 8-30650-1 non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-30650-1_S
1,00 €/m10,00€*18,94 €
SALE offer set of 3 Marburg Nena 6-57213 lightgray mat plain non-woven uni wallpaper
SALE offer 1 role BN wallpaper Moods 12-17368 dark-brown graphic pattern non-woven
SALE offer set of 2 Boho Chic Rasch Textil 23-148699 wallpaper braid bright ivory
Item no.: 23-148699_S
40,00 €/Stück40,00€*86,33 €
SALE offer set of 2 23-285290 Petite Fleur 3 Rasch Textil Paper wallpaper taupe tendrils
SALE offer 1 role BN/Voca Neo Royal 12-218658 wallpaper beige spots blue hallway
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Among our SALE actions you can find high quality wallpaper, borders, wall stickers and photo wallpaper at reasonable prices.

If you haven’t any concrete ideas, it’s always worth a look in our sale actions.

Often enough, a few rolls can last to make a room beautiful and bring in a change.

Therefore, some SALE actions are compiled into wallpaper sets, which means you get equal a handful of wallpaper rolls with the same batch number.

When buying wallpaper you should be in the same batch number, otherwise it could lead to minimal color differences that stand directly on the wall.

Most commonly, the wallpaper is of a non-woven material, that is the wallpaper, the carrier is non-woven.

Non-woven wallpaper has a big advantage! You can paste the wall and press the wallpaper directly on the wall.

You don’t need to follow a soaking, you can start directly with papering.

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