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Self-adhesive wall stickers and wall decals as far as the eye can see!

Looking for something special which they can create their walls, but want to keep your current wallpaper? Then jazz up your home but on a beautiful wall stickers. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom, you will find it.

SALE offer 1 piece Rasch Wall-Sticker 7-944150 signs symbols
Item no.: 7-944150_S
17,26 €/Stück17,26€*
SALE  offer 1 pieces Rasch Wall-Sticker 7-944853 Cafe Letters
Item no.: 7-944853_S
17,26 €/Stück17,26€*
Texdecor Caselio - Life 36-LIF59803015 Sticker
Item no.: 36-LIF59803015
26,33 €/Stück26,33€*27,16 €
36-LIF63219090 Texdecor Caselio - Life Sticker
Item no.: 36-LIF63219090
18,09 €/Stück18,09€*18,65 €
SALE  offer 1 piece Rasch Wall-Sticker 7-944907 Zen Wellness Letters
Item no.: 7-944907_S
17,26 €/Stück17,26€*

Wall stickers are versatile and can be combined with everything. A wall stickers may be a small detail effect but also to the great eye-catcher. You can use it without a major renovation to plan a whole room again revive.

Maybe a sweet saying about the common bed or a sticker with motivating action in the workplace. In the nursery, wall stickers are a very nice alternative to new wallpapering! So you can make the wallpaper on the wall or just paint over.

With the Sticker and a few new effects, the nursery looks like new again. Of animal motifs, flowers, cars, cities, unusual objects up to abstract art and more. Many proverbs and poems are just to stick on the wall. Often one has the choice between different colors.

But what every sticker is the same, the attachment! Very important: let dry first wallpaper in the silence, so that the ground is actually carrying capacity. 10 days are enough. So you get the wall sticker again later easily.

The smoother the surface the more support for the wall stickers. You should not select a highly textured wallpaper for this reason. Attaching a wall stickers is easy. The substrate must be dry and stable. The sticker on both sides firmly press it goes very well with a knife or spatula.

Then you can remove the bottom sheet and gently press the sticker to the wall. In this work best always from top to bottom or from left to right. Now comes the important part: The wall decal must be pressed to the wall with no air bubbles or wrinkles.

Here, again using the spatula or knife. If all seated firmly on the wall, you have to remove the top sheet slowly and in short angle. After you are finished already and the sticker sits!

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