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Wallpapers, screen walls and murals transform any room into something special

You want more than just a normal wallpaper for your room? Photo wallpapers are a real highlight and transform any room into something special. You need inspiration for a design? On the following pages there is enough selection of wall art, also known as non-woven wallpaper. Be inspired by natural motifs and animals to sports and modern motifs.

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Rasch Textil Cabana 23-158601 Mural Ethno natural tones
Item no.: 23-158601
192,13 €/Stück192,13€*265,00 €
Casadeco - Prague Texdecor 36-PGE80859502 Panel hallway old stairs
Item no.: 36-PGE80859502
482,82 €/Stück482,82€*497,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68463010 mural orange cream recipes
Item no.: 36-BAP68463010
21,43 €/m59,99€*61,84 €
8-30453-8, 304538 Authentic Walls AS Creation corrugated metal mural graffiti
Item no.: 8-30453-8
71,96 €/Stück71,96€*99,95 €
Casadeco - Utah Texdecor mural 36-UTA29689107 non-woven grey moon
Item no.: 36-UTA29689107
360,89 €/Stück360,89€*372,05 €
36-PGE80843218 Casadeco - Prague Texdecor stone wall panel yellow
Item no.: 36-PGE80843218
429,90 €/Stück429,90€*443,20 €
23-058606 Cabana Rasch Textil creamy white pineapple mural corridor
Item no.: 23-058606
192,13 €/Stück192,13€*265,00 €
23-158604 Cabana Rasch Textil Mural beige cactus smooth
Item no.: 23-158604
192,13 €/Stück192,13€*265,00 €
Casadeco - Natura mural ecodeco 36-NTRA83936484 flowers blue
Item no.: 36-NTRA83936484
394,50 €/Stück394,50€*406,69 €
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30453-6, 304536 wall guitar mural
Item no.: 8-30453-6
71,96 €/Stück71,96€*99,95 €
36-MTE65712030 Caselio - Metaphore Texdecor mural clock gold
Item no.: 36-MTE65712030
267,38 €/Stück267,38€*275,65 €
Divino Decor 57-1-032_L Photo wallpaper Oblong stone 300x270 cm non-woven
SALE offer 1 piece BN Tapeten - Lef 12-30360 Wandbild
Item no.: 12-30360_S
30,00 €/Stück30,00€*99,00 €
Bohemian 8-30242-7 , 302 427 Ornament Wall Image 3 strips violet
Item no.: 8-30242-7
224,45 €/Stück224,45€*299,25 €
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Murals are something special and give your room immediately something modern. With natural motifs you can choose many beautiful bright flowers either for the nursery, or for example all pictures of a rose blossom for your living room.

Definitely something for your children are photo wallpaper of animals. The selection ranges from bees and ladybugs up to Bunnys and sheep. A very special highlight for the children would be the very own starry sky for your child, perfect for dreaming.

For young people is a choice for young ladies there are motifs of beautiful flowers in rose, pink, blue and purple. If it may be a bit more romantic a photo wallpaper is recommend, with images of red heart balloons and in the air conjured hearts.

These designs are feminine and modern at the same time. For young men, there are also exactly the right motives, such as the pictures of a red car or a motorcycle.

These beautiful vehicles will be an eye-catcher in the youth room. If that is not  fancy enough, a photo wallpaper for genuine poets is recommended: paper a poem by Joseph von Eichendorff on the wall.

Would fit this unique photo wallpaper in your dining room or in your living room. For the living room, the choice is very large.

Choose from the example of a design of a fire for a great feel-good atmosphere or for a real sea view from the window.  So you feel like being on vacation every day. Even for musicians there is something, a photo wallpaper with music notes and large clef. The right motif for your photo wallpaper is found quickly and is sure to be the highlight of your home.

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