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The living room - create the center of the house with new wallpapers

Since we spend at leisure in the most in the living room, it is important that the living room is cozy and we feel comfortable. At the living room we relaxe, live and celebrate. The ideal wallpaper and different styles for your living room can be found on the following pages.

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Erismann Secrets 33-5992-10, 599210 non-woven wallpaper grey living room
Item no.: 33-5992-10
1,88 €/m18,94€*25,95 €
Texdecor Caselio - Metaphore 36-MTE65571010 beige wooden slats
Item no.: 36-MTE65571010
4,42 €/m44,38€*45,76 €
23-362397 Strictly Stripes cream floral tendrils vinyl wallpaper
Item no.: 23-362397
3,99 €/m39,91€*46,95 €
Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229355 pattern wallpaper lime green non-woven
Item no.: 23-229355
4,12 €/m41,37€*59,95 €
Eijffinger Lounge 55-388791 Vliestapete Flockpattern black braun
Item no.: 55-388791
14,00 €/m140,00€*
velours wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33582-6 black-cream little ornaments
Item no.: 8-33582-6
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
8-95405-3, 954053 Authentic Walls AS Creation gray-brown wood optics woven
Item no.: 8-9540-53
2,15 €/m21,56€*29,95 €
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation Saffiano 33988-4, 339884 stripes blue-brown
BN/Voca Loft 12-218418 Wallpaper graphic pattern gray
Item no.: 12-218418
2,80 €/m27,97€*34,95 €
BN/Voca Riviera Maison be you 12-18293 non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 12-18293
4,97 €/m49,94€*
36-IDYL83831212 Texdecor Casadeco - Idylleic waves beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-IDYL83831212
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Eijffinger Reflect 55-378044 lightblue marmor optic wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378044
5,20 €/Meter52,00€*
Texdecor Caselio - Hygge 36-HYG100576000 Wallpaper Light Blue Flowers
Item no.: 36-HYG100576000
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
45-199241_L Rasch home ready-made loop tape green semitransparent
Item no.: 45-199241
39,95 €/Stück39,95€*
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It is important that we feel comfortable in every room of our home. With most importantly, it is in the living room. We want to make full use of our leisure, so the living room should be very comfortable in expressing our personality.

As for colors, motifs and structure and style of wallpaper, you have free choice. With styles you can choose from modern, classic / classy, country / course, unis, pattern- and stripes wallpaper. Of course there are colors which create the desired feel-good atmosphere.

Natural tones such as brown and beige have a stabilizing and calming effect on us. Apricot and Terracotta seem very comfortable and cozy to us. A combination that is often papered: Pattern, stripe- and uni wallpaper.

Like in most areas, often wallpaper with bright tones and earth tones are papered in the living room, these tones represent relaxation and wellbeing. As for the wallpaper and the style of your living room, of course you have free choice.

Why not try something else and stick wall stickers. For example, about Africa: with elephants and African masks and figures, this one is definitely not in any living room.

If you want to go more in the direction of romance, why not decorate your wall with a photo of a beautiful rose flower wallpaper in beige or red. Or if you want something very cozy, the photo-wallpaper with a fire motif would be the right thing.
Wall stickers and photo wallpaper are definitely a highlight in the modern living room.

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