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The living room - create the center of the house with new wallpapers

Since we spend at leisure in the most in the living room, it is important that the living room is cozy and we feel comfortable. At the living room we relaxe, live and celebrate. The ideal wallpaper and different styles for your living room can be found on the following pages.

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Rasch Lucera II 7-608977 non-woven wallpaper taupe striped bedroom
Item no.: 7-608977
2,01 €/m20,24€*25,95 €
AS Creation Esprit 11 8-30305-4, 303054 wallpaper, Uni, light gray
Item no.: 8-30305-4
0,98 €/m9,83€*13,95 €
AS Creation Kingston 32472-1, 324721 taupe leaves paper wallpaper
Item no.: 8-32472-1
1,95 €/m19,56€*24,45 €
Grandeco New Aurora 37-NA3405 non-woven wallpaper taupe tree
Item no.: 37-NA3405
2,78 €/m27,97€*34,95 €
Rasch Textil Boho Chic 23-148661 wallpaper braided bamboo apricot
Item no.: 23-148661
4,69 €/m47,16€*65,50 €
AS Creation Castello 33540-5, 335405 ivory shining uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-33540-5
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
23-222110 Amira Rasch Textil gray uni wallpaper shiny non-woven
Item no.: 23-222110
4,35 €/m43,73€*59,90 €
Casa Deco - Chantilly 36-CHT22956505 blue Toile de Jouy non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-CHT22956505
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227160 fuchsia uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227160
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Cabana 23-158603 Mural colorful Spanish tile
Item no.: 23-158603
192,13 €/Stück192,13€*265,00 €
AS Creation Memory 3 953734, 8-95373-4 non-woven wallpaper gray stripes
Item no.: 8-953734
2,22 €/m22,36€*27,95 €
Texdecor Casadeco - Géode 36-GEO26969225 uni wallpaper dark-gray
Item no.: 36-GEO26969225
4,52 €/m45,43€*46,85 €
Texdecor Casa Deco - Marina 36-MRN25039418 dark-gray non-woven Uni
Item no.: 36-MRN25039418
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
AS Creation Esprit 12 8-327593, 32759-3 non-woven wallpaper yellow bedroom
Grandeco Origine 37-OR2001 non-woven wallpaper bright-grey ornaments watery
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It is important that we feel comfortable in every room of our home. With most importantly, it is in the living room. We want to make full use of our leisure, so the living room should be very comfortable in expressing our personality.

As for colors, motifs and structure and style of wallpaper, you have free choice. With styles you can choose from modern, classic / classy, country / course, unis, pattern- and stripes wallpaper. Of course there are colors which create the desired feel-good atmosphere.

Natural tones such as brown and beige have a stabilizing and calming effect on us. Apricot and Terracotta seem very comfortable and cozy to us. A combination that is often papered: Pattern, stripe- and uni wallpaper.

Like in most areas, often wallpaper with bright tones and earth tones are papered in the living room, these tones represent relaxation and wellbeing. As for the wallpaper and the style of your living room, of course you have free choice.

Why not try something else and stick wall stickers. For example, about Africa: with elephants and African masks and figures, this one is definitely not in any living room.

If you want to go more in the direction of romance, why not decorate your wall with a photo of a beautiful rose flower wallpaper in beige or red. Or if you want something very cozy, the photo-wallpaper with a fire motif would be the right thing.
Wall stickers and photo wallpaper are definitely a highlight in the modern living room.

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