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Wallpapers for the kitchen - the heart of the household with matching kitchen designs

The kitchen is no longer only a means to the purpose: it is often used as a community space, such as a meeting place and of hosting guests. To set up your kitchen according to your wishes, washable and abrasion resistant wallpaper have against the tiles the advantage that they offer more design options. A wide selection of wallpapers for the kitchen you will find in this category.

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AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30174-2, 301742 orchid flower wallpaper white
AS Creation Memory 3 329841, 8-32984-1 non-woven wallpaper white corridor
Item no.: 8-329841
2,15 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR3202 wallpaper non-woven little diamonds beige
Item no.: 37-OR3202
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
AS Creation Contzen Artist Ed.No.1 34213-2 non-woven wallpaper grey flowers
Erismann Vie en Rose 33-5828-22, 582822 non-woven wallpaper purple bedroom
Item no.: 33-5828-22
1,78 €/m17,85€*24,45 €
Rasch Textil Restored 23-227740 beige wallpaper non-woven Uni living room
Item no.: 23-227740
3,65 €/m36,72€*52,46 €
Restored 23-024064 Rasch Textil metal rust wallpaper pattern metallic
Item no.: 23-024064
4,39 €/m44,07€*62,95 €
Texdecor Casadeco - Summertime 36-SUT80921133 uni beige wallpaper
Item no.: 36-SUT80921133
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation Cote d'Azur 35413-3 grey-brown wood optics
Item no.: 8-35413-3
2,94 €/m29,56€*36,95 €
Fabric 38-3913-56 Lars Conzen - Colour Courage AS Creation
Item no.: 38-3913-56
19,77 €/m19,77€*21,96 €
AS Creation Kitchen Dreams 327622, ??8-32762-2 non-woven wallpaper blue
Item no.: 8-32762-2
2,15 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
Brillux CreaGlas VG K 3101 glass mat Premium
Item no.: 345731010000
4,63 €/m138,80€*
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-215365 Mica Wallpaper khaki-green shiny
Item no.: 23-215365
33,70 €/m33,70€*50,30 €
7-524444 Crispy Paper Rasch withe non-woven wallpaper vintage wooden door
Item no.: 7-524444
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
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The kitchen is for many an increasingly important habitat, because it is not only cooked in it, but also hosted.

A beautiful kitchen is fun and makes you want cook, so it's important that you choose wallpapers for your desired style. You can choose between special styles, because there is no typical color for the kitchen. As far as styles for the kitchen, you can choose between modern, classic / classy, country / nature, uni, patterns and stripes.

Murals are often chosen with natural tones and light tones, because brown, beige, broadcast cream, green and other natural. Often papered is white, because white radiates a cleanness, and dirt on light colors is simplyeasier to recognize. Bright and fresh colors also have the advantage that they are mood-lifting.

Popular pattern for the kitchen are still floral patterns, but also graphic patterns would be in the kitchen quite conceivable. Would you go for wallpapering more on the topic of food, you could choose the right motifs: for example, a edging with pictures of lemons, coffee, chocolate or other foods and kitchen designs.

As a highlight for the kitchen, wall stickers would be great with coffee motifs, including coffee cups and lettering like chocolat "and sucer ', these you can stick to your desired location in the kitchen. If you want a real kick of freshness in your kitchen, the photo-wallpaper with green, orange and red oranges is just right for you. Photo wallpapers evaluate the kitchen once more and seem modern. Plenty of choices you have at our shop, you choose your favorite style.

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