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Wallpapers for the corridor - first impression of your own four walls

Wallpaper also as non-woven wallpaper and wall coverings for the hallway. Because the hallway is the first area that you and your guests see. Its effect will decide whether to cozy or not. You want of course, that your hallway is friendly and welcoming. Decorations and bright colors should not be missed in the hallway. All ideas and wallpapers you find on the following pages.

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AS Creation Designer Mac Stopa 327076, 8-32707-6 Wallpaper living room
Item no.: 8-327076
3,18 €/m31,96€*39,95 €
36-PSP63626001 Caselio - Passport Texdecor turquoise uni wallpaper
Item no.: 36-PSP63626001
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
Grandeco 2nd Skin 37-2S3005 cushion optics non-woven wallpaper beige
Item no.: 37-2S3005
2,86 €/m28,77€*42,95 €
36-MDG26499239 Casa Deco - Midnight 3 Texdecor gray stripe fabric
Item no.: 36-MDG26499239
7,56 €/m76,01€*78,35 €
6-57265 Nena Marburg zebrapattern silver brown course non-woven wallpaper
Rasch Blue Velvet 7-609448 non-woven wallpaper beige dining room
Item no.: 7-609448
2,32 €/m23,36€*29,95 €
AS Creation Urban Life 327116, 8-32711-6 non-woven wallpaper gray Uni bedroom
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62875188 Branch Pattern non-woven wallpaper cream
Item no.: 36-VTA62875188
4,59 €/m46,17€*47,60 €
33639-4 wallpaper Kingston AS Creation dark-grey lines glitter
Item no.: 8-33639-4
1,95 €/m19,56€*24,45 €
Concetto Rasch Textil 23-109822 wallpaper living room beige stripes
Item no.: 23-109822
3,81 €/m38,32€*54,89 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576252 pearly cushion optics non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-576252
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
Ambrosia Rasch Textil 23-107608 wallpaper brick red gold honeycomb
Item no.: 23-107608
6,70 €/m67,32€*99,00 €
8-35347-1, 353471 non-woven wallpaper Happy Spring AS Creation cream waves
Item no.: 8-35347-1
1,83 €/m18,36€*22,96 €
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The hallway is usually an elongated room within an apartment or a house.

Corridor is referred to as the space that is created between the door and the staircase.

The purpose of the corridor is to enter a room or a single room, without passing through another room. Not everywhere in Germany the corridor is called "corridor" , in southern Germany it is called the ‘’passage’’. lso in Austria and Switzerland this space is referred to as "passage’’.

In other parts of Germany, he is known as the "corridor."

In the hall itself is often found bright colors and bright wallpaper on the walls.

Bright colors are therefore often find, beacause most corridors are rather small, narrow rooms without windows.

Bright colors and bright wallpaper visually stretch the space and have a friendly and welcoming act - perfect for a hallway.

Next to bright colors and floral patterns, floral patterns as wallpaper for hallways are very popular as flowers appear friendly and welcoming. Of course you can also put an accent in your hallway, which is seen as the first in your home.

You can achieve this wonderful accent with eye-catching designs and beautiful wallpaper murals.

So your home looks at first look instantly, modern and nice.

Another idea would Phrases like "Welcome" in several languages as a Wall Decal for your hallway.

It is important that you always keep in mind that the hallway is the first impression of your home.

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