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Wallpaper for the bathroom - the bathroom as a place of relaxation and cleanliness

The bathroom is no longer a place just to wash and care. There is always more to the on-site spa and wellness resort. Create with our suitable wallpaper and wall coverings your feel-good place to take a break from everyday life. All products, designs and wallpapers for your bathroom you will find in this category.

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Rasch Textil Concetto 23-109825 non-woven wallpaper green beige striped
Item no.: 23-109825
3,81 €/m38,32€*54,89 €
Rasch Textil Concetto 23-103069 floral wallpaper non-woven brown gold
Item no.: 23-103069
3,81 €/m38,32€*54,89 €
AS Creation Borneo 8-327141, 32714-1 non-woven wallpaper beige bedroom
Item no.: 8-327141
2,94 €/m29,56€*36,95 €
Brillux CreaGlas Profession 2311 fine
Item no.: 345723110000
4,42 €/m220,86€*
Fabric 38-3913-56 Lars Conzen - Colour Courage AS Creation
Item no.: 38-3913-56
19,77 €/m19,77€*21,96 €
AS Creation Borneo 8-327173, 32717-3 non-woven wallpaper beige bedroom
Item no.: 8-327173
2,94 €/m29,56€*36,95 €
Fabric 38-3913-63 Lars Conzen - Colour Courage AS Creation
Item no.: 38-3913-63
19,77 €/m19,77€*21,96 €
37-BA2501 Botanical Grandeco spanish tiles beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 37-BA2501
2,39 €/m24,05€*32,95 €
Rasch Passepartout 7-606263 non-woven wallpaper brown dining room
Item no.: 7-606263
2,48 €/m24,92€*31,95 €
7-803211 Lucy in the sky Rasch wallpaper pink flamingo
Item no.: 7-803211
2,78 €/m27,97€*34,95 €
Cocktail 8-94312-1, 94312-1 Buddha gray non-non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-94312-1
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
23-158202 Vintage Rules Rasch Textil brown mosaic mural
Item no.: 23-158202
191,07 €/Stück191,07€*265,00 €
Restored 23-228280_2 Rasch Textil wallpaper gloss structure creamy white
Item no.: 23-228280_2
5,11 €/m51,38€*73,40 €
23-024059 Rasch Textil Restored fabric blue pattern wallpaper patch
Item no.: 23-024059
4,39 €/m44,07€*62,95 €
23-148636 Cabana Rasch Textil blue tile pattern non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-148636
4,73 €/m47,49€*65,50 €
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In everyday life, it is important to have a place where you can relax.The trend towards the in-house spa and wellness oasis spreads out further, the bathroom is now designed more homely. A generous and balanced atmosphere should of course not be missed. To make your bathroom exudes balance, in natural tones or wallpapers with nature designs are recommended. The tones white and blue are often seen on wallpaper. This is because white and blue radiate cleanliness and cleanliness, which is for the bathroom is a very important property. These two notes are added beige and cream tones, which are often combined with white and gray, and with a contrasting color such as green, red or purple.

All in all often are colours papered, which remind us of nature. More and more wallpapers are papered, which have a stone or wood look.

This is also the reason that these materials remind us of the nature and thus have a relaxing effect on us. As for motifs, floral pattern, floral motifs and matching water motifs are often papered. Especially nice are the motifs of the fish, 'koi' or orchids. If you want an extravagant and unique design in your bathroom, photo-wallpapers are recommended. About the bathroom, there is a great selection in our shop: choose between, for example a photo wallpaper with the image of a beautiful green forest, or a ridge at sunset. Also nice would be the photo wallpaper with the motif of a lighthouse, so you feel right on the beach.

Matching photo wallpaper designs on bath would be especially the water drops and the accumulated stones, that would suit perfectly in a bathroom. With wallpapers in  the bathroom, you should make sure that these are water-resistant. If you note this, nothing stands in the way of your own spa.

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