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Our living spaces - new wallpaper for the living room, dining room and bedrooms - each room gets its own effect and meaning

Under this category you can find wallpapers and ideas to the different habitats. You can choose from different styles, wallpaper and ideas for bedroom, kitchen and co.

The different habitats are: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the youth room, the hallway and the dining-room. In the living-room we spend most of our free time, relax there, we eat and celebrate.

The bedroom is the haven of the house, where we want peace, relaxation and of course especially sleep. The kitchen is next to the cooking, more and more as a meeting place with friends.

The bathroom is now more a on-site spa and wellness resort. In the youth room, your teenagers should feel comfortable and enjoy their leisure time and youth. The hallway is the first impression of the house, the first view into the hall decides whether your guests feel comfortable, or not.

The dining room we come together. This space is similar, like the living room and the kitchen as a meeting place. At all habitats, the colors and the associated moods are important.

This means you should be aware of which atmosphere you want for your individual rooms. Colours from nature always cause familiarity that we want home. Wallpaper in pastel tones are light and quiet.

Bright green in combination with yellow and pink looks very spring-like and can radiate our walls in a new light. Colors like black, white and gray look more objectively, but put it on non-woven wallpaper for great accents on the walls.

Pink, however, appears delicate, fragrant, light, and especially at home. Skin tones and shades like apricot and terracotta look very homely and Mediterranean. Orange is the color of enjoyment and thus the perfect wall decoration for the kitchen and dining room.

Yellow is the color of energy and pure red is acting powerfully and passionately. Choose the colors of your wallpaper carefully and make each of your living spaces according to your wishes.

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