Casadeo - Smart - shiny non-woven wallpaper with tile and mosaic appearance for your living room

High-quality non-woven wallpaper with a slight sheen, see the Smart Collection by Casa Deco. Various ornaments, mosaic and tile-optics can be found in this very noble, elegant wallpaper collection.

Whether you want an oriental touch or want elegance in your space - smart by Casadeco holds the right wallpaper for you.

Tile patterns are a big issue in this non-woven collection and therefore can be found two in Smart: The first in a slightly larger tile motif with an oval shape and ornaments. The second, however, is reminiscent of tiles and mosaics from ancient times and has an oriental touch. These two pattern-wallpaper can be super papered individually or combined with each other. The shiny, smooth surface looks chic and elegant on your walls.

The unis play an important role in Smart: The smooth plain wallpaper are provided with a slight shimmer and shine as on the walls. Combine the individual natural tones with each other or put with bold colors highlights the living and dining room. Also to highlight colors in patterned wallpaper are always very much appreciated by Unis.

In addition, we also find in the collection two wallpaper with ornaments. The first shows a floral ornament, which is very classic. This pattern is still supported in its simplicity of natural colors like cream and gray. The second motive also has an oriental style: Many ornaments and details make a great picture on the walls, colors such as salmon, moss-green and blue-gray bring accents to the wall and attract attention. The silvery ornaments reflect the light and create an effect as from Thousand and One Nights.

High-quality, fine non-woven wallpaper with special optics and a lot of shine offers the smart collection of Casa Deco.

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