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Rasch Textil- German manufacturer for wallpapers and curtains with international success

On this page you will find high-quality wallpapers, curtains and murals of the manufacturer Rasch Textil.

The hallmark of Rasch Textil is the qualitative variety of wallpaper, borders and decorative fabrics. By the fascinating dessins, colors and materials is Rasch Textil highly recognized in national and international field of housing and furnishing industry.

Also, the wallpaper of the publisher "Interwall" are distributed worldwide. Rasch Textil is characterized by varied optics of textile wallpapers. In this connection, fibers and yarns of different materials are used - such as cotton, viscose, polyester, flax or silk.

In addition, the fabrics are embossed or printed. The result is exceptional patterns and colors. The wallpaper surface is applied with a dispersion adhesive on non-woven paper.

Through the wall adhesion technique of non-woven backing allows easy processing of the wallpaper. The dispersion adhesive ensures breathability of the wall.

The environment also plays a big role by Rasch Textil. All wallpapers are provided with the RAL quality mark. This seal was developed by the RAL Quality Assurance Association wallpapers in e.V.

It is a seal of approval for quality and wallcoverings. The Rasch Textil products are also tested by an external institute. Also Rasch Textil itself works and constantly checks his own products to the prescribed limits in order to reduce thus to protect the environment.

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