Marburg – Zuhause Wohnen 4 – modern non-woven wallpapers with homely designs for the living room

After the three successful predecessors offers the wallpaper manufacturer Marburg with “Zuhause Wohnen 4” already the fourth edition of the famous wallpaper collection. Modern and homely non-woven wallpapers are the main characteristics of this collection. With the aim to design your four walls with the help of one non-woven wallpaper comfortable and stylish, the manufacturer addresses especially that people, who wants to set up their home with less resources very comfortably.

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Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57117 uni wallpaper beige non-woven living room
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57149 non-woven wallpaper creme-white ornament
6-57124 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg uni wallpaper bright-pink non-woven matte
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-47081 beige panel birds plants non-woven
Item no.: 6-47081
105,96 €/Stück105,96€*132,45 €
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57121 non-woven wallpaper white uni living room
6-57116 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg dark-taupe uni wallpaper non-woven
Item no.: 6-57116
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57103 non-woven wallpaper creme-beige diamonds
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57125 pallid-green uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 6-57125
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57127 circles bright-gray wallpaper flowers
Item no.: 6-57127
2,38 €/m23,95€*29,95 €
6-57122 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg living room uni wallpaper bright-grey
Item no.: 6-57122
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
6-57108 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg creme-white beige wallpaper flowers
Item no.: 6-57108
2,30 €/m23,16€*28,95 €
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-47082 apple green panel birds non-woven
Item no.: 6-47082
105,96 €/Stück105,96€*132,45 €
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57113 creme-beige non-woven pattern wallpaper
6-57106 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg non-woven wallpaper flowers taupe-grey
Item no.: 6-57106
2,30 €/m23,16€*28,95 €
6-57126 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg non-woven wallpaper bright-beige circles
6-57118 Zuhause Wohnen 4 Marburg living room creme non-woven wallpaper uni
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Already for the fourth time brought Marburg together with the same-naming living magazine a wallpaper collection on the market. In the focus of this collection stand modern and homely non-woven wallpapers which are perfect made for every living room.

No matter if the wall as itself or the whole room should stand in the middle – the wallpapers are with it different motifs the eye-catcher in every room.

Divided up in four designs the wallpaper collection satisfies all claims which can exist.

In the first area, extravagant ornaments and unique striped-wallpapers as non-woven wallpapers are picked out as a central theme. For that you can find a matching wall mural in different models, on which you can see different nature motifs in front of a gate.

The second design shows exceptional circles which are especially by their irregular forms an eye-catcher. With the matching stripes there is a wide selection to feel good. The using of glossy pigments makes this design especially unique.

The third area of this collection addresses especially those, who want to design their living room comfortable and inviting. The irregular stripes in different colors let your four walls shine in a completely new appearance.

Rounded get this the collection by the fourth design, in which different patters get focused. A highlight of this area are the non-woven wallpapers with the irregular diamond pattern which turn in every room – no matter if living room or bedroom – into a unique eye-catcher. Furthermore are the pattern wallpaper, which look at the first sight like a simple flower wallpaper but on the second sight an exceptional pattern shows, part of this area.

Part of the wallpaper collection are also unique digital print, which consist always by two parts, but are also alone an eye-catcher.

The wallpapers of the “Zuhause Wohnen” collection will change your walls into a comfortable and modern home.

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