Marburg wallcoverings - wallpaper, fabrics and window films for electromagnetic shielding

Today there is probably no place in the world without electromagnetic waves. A maximum shielding in wall, ceiling and floor area you manage the special shielding Martech.

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Item no.: 6-97471
90,38 €/Stück90,38€*
Marburg Türdichtungsset 6-97403
Item no.: 6-97403
70,86 €/Stück70,86€*
Marburg shield canopy for cot 6-97482
Item no.: 6-97482
208,96 €/Stück208,96€*
Marburg Window Film Silver 6-97413, 1.50 m wide
Item no.: 6-97413
63,84 €/m63,84€*
Marburg radio interference 6-97407
Item no.: 6-97407
44,80 €/Stück44,80€*
Marburg window film, clear / colorless 6-97445, 1.25 m wide
Item no.: 6-97445
164,99 €/m164,99€*
Item no.: 6-97472
67,53 €/Stück67,53€*
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Today there is probably no place on earth without electromagnetic waves. This radiation passes through windows, walls and doors. There are hardly laid cable, but the data are transmitted nationwide by transmitters operating in the high frequency range. Doctors and scientists agree that the radiation has an effect on the human and animal organism!

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