Eijffinger - Lino - a large selection of patterns and color variants offer plenty of scope for design options

The non-woven wallpaper collection "Lino" by Eijffinger includes motif wallpaper and murals with nature motifs, graphic patterns and landscape paintings. The perfect complement to this are the plain wallpapers with discreet silver gloss effects.

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With the non-woven wallpaper collection "Lino" by Eijffinger you bring both natural motifs and graphic patterns into your home in a variety of subtle and bold colours.

A big part of this collection are the murals. They show either plant motifs in beige-brown and green or a broken concrete wall in delicate colour gradients in blue and warm sun yellow. The two murals with landscape motifs provide a special eye-catcher in every room. On the one hand, you can see a section of a forest with a path that winds towards the sun, or a lake in the sunset with mountains and forests in the background.

For those who like something more modern, there are non-woven wallpapers with graphic patterns. They look lively and fit into any modern hall or living room.

The motif wallpaper with large plant leaves and shrubs with fresh buds in blue, green, beige, light gray and brown provide natural charm in the living room and bedroom.

Another motive of this wallpaper collection is the patchwork pattern with fields of different sizes that are reminiscent of watercolor blots. Again, there are different colours in beige, gray, green and blue.

For each of the motif wallpaper there is a simple unit wallpaper with light silver gloss effects. Depending on the viewing angle, the silver glow is different. You can choose from delicate colors such as champagne, pale pink, beige, cream, light gray and light blue and more intense colors such as dark blue, blue turquoise, dark green and warm dark brown.

With the non-woven wallpaper collection "Lino by Eijffinger you can combine murals, pattern wallpapers and plain wallpapers in a variety of color options that suit every taste and every room.

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