Eijffinger - Enso - Stylish fleece wallpapers for a unique ambience for all your rooms

With the collection "Enso" by Eijffinger you have a large variety of modern wallpaper patterns in front of you. Decorate all your walls with this beautiful collection and give your room a beautiful ambience. Decorate your home with elegant and classic wallpaper pattern. 

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55-386541 Eijffinger Enso pink flowers non-woven wallpaper gold
Eijffinger Enso 55-386531 non-woven wallpaper waves nacre
Item no.: 55-386531
6,00 €/m59,95€*
55-386550 Eijffinger Enso non-woven wallpaper flowers silver
Item no.: 55-386550
7,00 €/m69,95€*
Eijffinger Enso 55-386542 flowers dark blue non-woven wallpaper
Eijffinger Enso 55-386650 Mural Omni circle green beige
Item no.: 55-386650
279,00 €/Stück279,00€*
Eijffinger Enso 55-386533 dark blue non-woven wallpaper waves
Item no.: 55-386533
6,00 €/m59,95€*
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Discover with the collection "Enso" high-quality fleece wallpapers with which you can embellish your apartment. From circular and graphic patterns to floral patterns, Eijffinger offers a wide variety of colourful wallpapers. 

The graphic wallpaper patterns of the collection gives you a beautiful opportunity to decorate your walls with a modern as well as stylish motive. They fit perfectly into an apartment with modern furniture and set elegant accents. 

The outstanding circle patterns of the collection are a lively change. These are designed according to the image of a branch with flowers. Such wallpaper patterns give your room an unique look. 

Also with the graphic and wave patterns from this collection you have a nice way to give your home a cosy flair. Fine metallic effects give the walls a great look in your home. The wave patterns of the "Enso" collection are very beautiful. They bring your furniture into the foreground perfectly and give your room a cosy ambience. 

An eye-catcher is the wallpaper pattern with the large circle of different shades of green. This is an instant eye-catcher. In terms of colour, Eijffinger has chosen a very beautiful and matching colour. Different shades of green, brown and blue don‘t stand out too much and fit perfectly into a modern house.

To round off the selected room, you should use a suitable unit wallpaper in the room. This don‘t only underlines the wallpaper pattern, but also rounds off the room and the interior beautifully. With the "Enso" collection from Eijffinger you can give your rooms a great ambience. 

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