Other manufacturers - Find here additional wallpaper manufacturer

Our category "Other Manufacturers" often has surprises in store. If you are not yet been able to find in our shop wallpaper is here for you find the right image.

In this category you will find a selection of wallpaper collections for the living room, bedroom, youth room and nursery. The wallpaper covered by their showy patterns and motifs and bright colors in the eye. You will find here both traditional wallpaper, nonwoven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper and white paintable wallpapers for your four walls.

The Brillux Relief wallpaper pierce through their 3D appearance immediately catches the eye. The paintable wallpapers are provided with a variety of structures and can be designed individually with color.

Expressive murals and wallpapers can be found in the wallpaper collection Lef very American style fit perfectly into a redesigned youth room. Here you will find a few treasures that you have not previously noticed.

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