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Circles, squares and tiles on retro wallpaper - still a popular trend

Replace your old and boring wallpapers with new retro 70s style with modern design in fresh colors. The versatile designs from square to round over checkered, dress up your walls and put great highlights. The retro wallpaper can be processed in many variations and combine with all the universities.

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36-MDG26486227 Casa Deco - Midnight 3 Texdecor blue Retro Wallpaper
Item no.: 36-MDG26486227
9,07 €/m91,18€*94,00 €
AS Creation Björn 34900-3, 349003 black-white rhombuses non-woven wallpaper
non-woven wallpaper AS Creation Contzen Artist Ed.No.1 34212-1 stripes grey
Rasch Textil 23-022628 Gravity wallpaper silver pattern retro
Item no.: 23-022628
7,80 €/m78,40€*112,00 €
6-57236 Nena Marburg non-woven wallpaper points gray salmon plain mat
Item no.: 6-57236
2,11 €/m21,21€*29,45 €
7-525809 Crispy Paper Rasch Vintage bookshelf brown non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-525809
1,67 €/m16,77€*23,95 €
23-148630 Cabana Rasch Textil sand-gray ethno pattern wallpaper
Item no.: 23-148630
4,73 €/m47,49€*65,50 €
23-148628 Cabana Rasch Textil beige ethnic pattern wallpaper diamonds
Item no.: 23-148628
4,73 €/m47,49€*65,50 €
Grandeco Origine 37-OR3103 non-woven wallpaper spikes shining purple-petrol
Retro wallpaper, living room, vinyl wallpaper
Item no.: 428004-BW57492
4,47 €/m44,95€*
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57149 non-woven wallpaper creme-white ornament
AS Creation Contzen Artist Ed.No.1 34110-4 diamonds blue wallpaper non-woven
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The term'' retro'' comes from the Latin and means'' backwards'', wallpaper in retro style so bring us back the charm of bygone days. Retro means that the design elements were taken from a particular design era, and so reflect that style.

Known from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the retro style is very popular even today. The 50s were for pastel tones, the 60 years of graphic and linear design, and especially for the 70 wild patterns.

Unusual, often graphic and abstract forms, and expressive colors are the hallmark of the retro style. But circles, squiggles, and pastels are in the style "retro" their place. However, this style is today implemented rather more subtle than, say, a-days in the 70s:

Most of the design of the wallpaper of today is adapted, but there are also reprints of the previous wallpaper. With a mixture of modern, simple design and plain wall accents in retro style can easily create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your own home without much effort.

One that converts the retro theme in wallpaper area modern and innovative, is the designer Lars Contzen. His collections can be found, among many others, also in our shop. With sweeping shapes and subtle or bright colors, is in these collections by Lars Contzen for every taste.

Although today's retro wallpaper draw attention to itself, but leave enough room to bring accessories and furniture into their own when they are used appropriately. With a mix of retro and modern, a unique living environment that everyone can realize fast and easy.

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