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Peerless wallpaper - unique combinations of colors and shapes for your rooms

Here we present unparalleled wallpapers that we want to share with. Wallpaper with intricate patterns, unusual surfaces and haptics or striking colors found in this category your place. Whether trendy, trashy, trendy, youthful, eccentric or crazy - you will find it!

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23-107661 Ambrosia Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper pattern serrated beige
Item no.: 23-107661
6,70 €/m67,32€*99,00 €
23-138212 Vintage Rules Rasch Textil light gray suitcase non-woven wallpaper
Rasch Textil Restored 23-024013 Tile wallpaper light gray non-woven
Item no.: 23-024013
4,39 €/m44,07€*62,95 €
Rasch Textil Reclaimed 23-022326 woven non-woven wallpaper gray pattern shine
Casadeco - Utah Texdecor non-woven wallpaper marble 36-UTA29629115 grey blue
Item no.: 36-UTA29629115
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Rasch BABARA home  45-200312 pillow cover blue dragons canvas fabrics
Item no.: 45-200312
12,20 €/Stück12,20€*15,95 €
36-CHT24235103 Casa Deco - Chantilly Purple Toile de Jouy mural
Item no.: 36-CHT24235103
127,46 €/Stück127,46€*131,40 €
Restored 23-228280_2 Rasch Textil wallpaper gloss structure creamy white
Item no.: 23-228280_2
5,11 €/m51,38€*73,40 €
23-077390 Cassata Rasch Textile wallpaper leopard print gray
Item no.: 23-077390
4,78 €/m48,06€*64,95 €
mural Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68549055 black menu
Item no.: 36-BAP68549055
59,99 €/Stück59,99€*61,84 €
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In this category the topic, incomparably 'you will find all the wallpapers that have to be something extravagant.

These wallpapers by falling on their motives and their expression. Choose a design that reflects your personality and expresses your character. Combining those unparalleled 'wallpaper with plain universities or uniform colors, the wallpaper works for himself and for a perfect room ambience. But a combination of several extravagant wallpapers can form a real space-highlight.

You can spice up the overall picture still with fancy accessories: for example, striking bed linen, cushion covers or curtains. Even small details, such as picture frames can support the extravagant overall picture.

The flamboyant wallpaper gives the room a unique character and make very definitely a WOW effect on your guests.

Wallpapering For example, the city of New York, on the fly just a UFO. They stand on shopping? hese wallpaper it goes straight into the expression: Railway manner receipts and invoices on your wall.

Exceptional and original you can invent the wall and room design new with the incomparable wallpapers. Also very popular are the motifs such as a motorcycle, guitar, or even a complete Japanese manga comic on the wall.

Anyone who has canceled the boring wallpaper will discover new here and with the wallpaper, and for the youth room, make his four walls in a very special look.

Black / white to multicolored with glitter, whether paper, vinyl or non-woven wallpaper - this selection, the wallpaper in the category "Incomparable" will like it! Have fun browsing.

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