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Neo-Baroque - Baroque wallpaper in modern style for your bedroom or living room

Neo baroque wall design, the modern variant of the Baroque style. Modern wallpaper designs with floral ornaments combines with bright colors. To a mix of old and new furniture and your apartment is very modern from top to bottom.

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AS Creation 8-93837-1 AP Trends Home I ornament purple non-woven
Item no.: 8-93837-1
3,55 €/m35,71€*49,94 €
Rasch Textil Amira 23-225739 gray ornament non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-225739
3,92 €/m39,35€*53,90 €
Rasch Textil Cassata 23-077239 Magenta Textile wallpaper ornament
Item no.: 23-077239
6,62 €/m66,56€*89,95 €
Texdecor Casa Deco - Majestic taupe 36-MAJ26401220 ornament
Item no.: 36-MAJ26401220
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
AS Creation Castello 33540-5, 335405 ivory shining uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 8-33540-5
3,35 €/m33,71€*44,95 €
Texdecor Casa Deco - Majestic 36-MAJ26429114 Ornament anthracite
Item no.: 36-MAJ26429114
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Rasch Florentine II 7-455311 non-woven wallpaper beige hallway
Item no.: 7-455311
2,21 €/m22,17€*29,95 €
33583-4 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation gold-black decoration ornaments
velours wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33580-1, 335801 cream big ornaments
Item no.: 8-33580-1
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
Erismann Secrets 33-5991-49, 599149 non-woven wallpaper brown bedroom
Item no.: 33-5991-49
1,88 €/m18,94€*25,95 €
33580-2, 335802 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation ornaments gold big
Item no.: 8-33580-2
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
Texdecor Casa Deco - Midnight 3 36-MDG26509106 light gray ornament
Item no.: 36-MDG26509106
6,05 €/m60,77€*62,65 €
302410 Bohemian 8-30241-0 mural ornament purple 2 lanes
Item no.: 8-30241-0
79,60 €/Stück79,60€*106,12 €
velours wallpaper AS Creation Castello 33582-6 black-cream little ornaments
Item no.: 8-33582-6
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
Rasch Textil Tintura 23-227429 beige ornament non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-227429
3,98 €/m39,96€*49,94 €
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The term Neobaroque is easy to explain: He represents the new kind of Baroque. Also possible would be the formulation of Neo-Baroque Baroque or second.

In the end it is the Baroque style of our modern time. The Neo is expressed, for example, in a highly magnified and distorted ornament, or just a single ornament on the ceiling.

One particular trend of neo-Baroque are the colors black and white. Let the ornamental patterns and modern look classy.

Also increasingly bright colors and floral ornaments find their place in our neo-baroque style. Combine the wallpaper pattern but with a simple structure wallpaper or a matching plain wallpaper.

The surface may be polished and / or structured here. All in all, the patterns in Neo less intrusive and more simple and modern.

Luster pigments will also find their place. The modern baroque patterns can be combined, for example, with a bright leopard pattern.
The Glööckler collection by the designer Harald Glööckler is a mix of Baroque and Neo-Baroque. His collection combines ornamental pattern with a lot of extravagance.

For example, in the form of a wallpaper with ornamental patterns, crowns and curtain cords. This design is absolutely pompous. Find in this category, the modern version of the Baroque style.

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