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Wallpapers with nature motifs - animals and plants provide a pure experience

Distinctive nature motifs of animals from Africa, such as rhinos, elephants, leopards, zebras, crocodiles and snakes there is to discover in this style. Exotic fur-optics that feels deceptively, make you want to vacation and travel. For peace and security provide romantic roses pattern, vines or trees and flowers for any living room or bedroom, which is also available as a non-woven wallpaper.

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Rasch Textil Abaca 23-229164 pearl white floral pattern wallpaper
Item no.: 23-229164
4,43 €/m44,50€*64,50 €
Grandeco Nordic Elegance 37-NG2285 non-woven wallpaper black grey leaves
Item no.: 37-NG2285
2,25 €/m22,57€*32,95 €
8-95405-3, 954053 Authentic Walls AS Creation gray-brown wood optics woven
Item no.: 8-9540-53
2,15 €/m21,56€*29,95 €
7-527537 Rasch BARBARA home non-woven wallpaper cream-white leaves shining
Item no.: 7-527537
2,13 €/Stück21,38€*27,95 €
36-FAO69073010 Caselio - Faro Texdecor beige red tendrils wallpaper
Item no.: 36-FAO69073010
4,54 €/m45,59€*47,01 €
AS Creation Memory 3 329871, 8-32987-1 non-woven wallpaper beige hallway
Item no.: 8-329871
2,15 €/m21,56€*26,95 €
Lucy in the Sky 7-803631 Rasch non-woven wallpaper colorful flowers
Item no.: 7-803631
3,18 €/m31,96€*39,95 €
Rasch 7-799606 Sightseeing wooden wallpaper cream non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-799606
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
AS Creation Cote d'Azur 35413-2 non-woven wallpaper grey-blue wooden slats
Item no.: 8-35413-2
2,94 €/m29,56€*36,95 €
8-34761-4 non-woven wallpaper Happy Spring AS Creation black-grey leaves
Item no.: 8-34761-4
1,75 €/m17,56€*21,96 €
Rasch Sightseeing 7-799613 Wooden wallpaper beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-799613
1,76 €/m17,72€*23,95 €
Texdecor Casa Deco - Midnight 3 36-MDG17421101 cream floral wallpaper
Item no.: 36-MDG17421101
9,07 €/m91,18€*94,00 €
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Nature motifs are very popular and the ideal ambassador for relaxation and well-being if you need a break from the daily grind again.

In the wallpaper world, there is a huge selection of different flower patterns, grasses, leaves to branches.

The most popular of all are the natural floral pattern floral pattern. They can be found in numerous colors, shapes, styles and combinations.

In addition to the flower pattern, the stone and wood looks very wallpapers are on the rise.

Even this act of domestic and radiate relaxation.

Nature motifs can differ greatly in effect and can be classified into different living styles.

For example, include the floral pattern of graphics and abstract shapes to the more modern living. Small floral filigree pattern from ancient times, in bright cheerful colors, contrast, emphasize the country-style wonderful.

But also the color of the motifs is significant it affects the mood and the associations of the pattern. Some natural motifs bring with us again and again the same idea, we think of red roses of love. Also in the intensity you choose. Natural motifs such as small flowers or a simple floral patterns seem simple and decent.

Wall stickers put little eye on the wall. A photo wallpaper, however, is the highlight of the room and therefore determines the ambience of the room. Animal motifs are very popular because they exude familiarity and security, which are two important aspects for our "home sweet home". Select your category in our nature motif for pure wellbeing.

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