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The Modern Time of the wallpaper with abstract shapes and colors

Modernity is the revolution of the past. In the period 1900-1950 embellishments and ornaments were banished from wallpaper and wall cladding and replaced by abstract shapes and colors. Here you will find patterned wallpapers with exceptional graphic designs in various forms for every room.

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Rasch Perfecto IV 7-887822 dark-brown rectangles non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-887822
2,65 €/m26,61€*36,95 €
Casa Deco - Majestic Texdecor 36-MJA26395104 circles purple non-woven
Item no.: 36-MAJ26395104
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
BN/Voca Riviera Maison be you 12-18381 non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 12-18381
4,97 €/m49,94€*
Living room, vinyl wallpaper, stripe pattern, Modern Wallpaper
Item no.: 428004-BW57502
4,47 €/m44,95€*
Rasch Textil Vintage Rules 23-138203 gray non-woven wallpaper squares
Item no.: 23-138203
3,46 €/m34,82€*48,30 €
7-801613 Ylvie Rasch wallpaper graphic pattern beige shine
Item no.: 7-801613
2,36 €/m23,72€*32,95 €
Texdecor Casadeco - Géode 36-GEO26921124 light beige stripe non-woven
Item no.: 36-GEO26921124
4,52 €/m45,43€*46,85 €
Rasch My Moments 7-305845 non-woven wallpaper beige living room
Item no.: 7-305845
1,63 €/m16,34€*20,96 €
37-2S0102 2nd Skin Grandeco silver snakeskin-look wallpaper
Item no.: 37-2S0102
2,53 €/m25,43€*37,95 €
Rasch Passepartout 7-605648 non-woven wallpaper colored corridor
Item no.: 7-605648
2,56 €/m25,70€*32,95 €
36-MDG26499239 Casa Deco - Midnight 3 Texdecor gray stripe fabric
Item no.: 36-MDG26499239
7,56 €/m76,01€*78,35 €
Rasch Perfecto IV 7-497847 creamy white uni wallpaper non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 7-497847
2,50 €/m25,17€*34,95 €
Rasch Ylvie 7-802528 non-woven wallpaper floral pattern creamy white plaster
Rasch Textil Vista 5 23-213637 bamboo wallpaper brown-red corridor
Item no.: 23-213637
54,67 €/m54,67€*77,00 €
Cocktail 8-94299-2, 94299-2 non-woven wallpaper stripes blue-brown
Item no.: 8-94299-2
1,94 €/m19,47€*29,95 €
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In the history of Europe, America and Australia, modernity is an era that marks the transition to the tradition in all areas of life.

In the 19th Century began with the term Modern delineate the current time from the past.

The epoch Modern 'includes several currents that had an impact on the design of wallpaper.

The reinforced, abstract painting is a very important part of this era. Abstract painting is a form of art which, in the abstract, operates the pictures of people, landscapes and objects.

The abstract painting waived lifelike pictures and a clearly recognizable structure.

Wallpaper in the style of, modernity 'have often colors such as beige, white and gray. These wallpapers are then accented with yellow, blue and green splashes of color. Chance also occur muted gray tones with silver or steel shine.

In the 'Modern' was intensified dealt with the question of the benefits and care of the product. Environmental awareness was at this time also important.

As has been intensified with the use of benefits was paid to the price-performance ratio even more. Designers are now designed not unique, but worked constantly with industry.

The new type of wallpaper designs that time was very strong and constantly growing.

Find on these pages abstract pattern for your room in the style of, modernity '.

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