Eijffinger – Reflect – exclusive wallpaper designs with noble shine and unique haptics

The unique designs of the high-quality non-woven wallpapers are on every wall a unique. From bright and shining colours up to soft glittering patterns Reflect by Eijffinger a big choice of exclusive wallpapers.

55-378002 Eijffinger Reflect non-woven wallpaper peacock black blue
Item no.: 55-378002
5,60 €/Meter55,95€*
Eijffinger Reflect 55-378044 lightblue marmor optic wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378044
5,30 €/Meter52,96€*
Reflect Eijffinger 55-378023 pattern rose smooth non-woven wallpaper
Eijffinger Reflect 55-378025 brown gold pattern non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378025
5,30 €/Meter52,96€*
Eijffinger Reflect 55-378041 silver Marmor Eeffect smooth wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378041
5,30 €/Meter52,96€*
Eijffinger Reflect 55-378051 dark gold uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378051
7,20 €/Meter71,95€*
55-378043 Eijffinger Reflect gold stripes marmor wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378043
5,30 €/Meter52,96€*
Reflect Eijffinger 55-378052 taupe non-woven wallpaper Uni
Item no.: 55-378052
7,20 €/Meter71,95€*
55-378018 Eijffinger Reflect cream velour plants wallpaper non-woven
Item no.: 55-378018
15,50 €/Meter155,00€*
55-378046 Eijffinger Reflect violette wallpaper marmor looks
Item no.: 55-378046
5,30 €/Meter52,96€*
Reflect Eijffinger 55-378045 marmor green petrol wallpaper
Item no.: 55-378045
5,30 €/Meter52,96€*

Between nature motifs with fine glass bead applications and velvety-soft surfaces, each of your walls will immediately radiate through their uniqueness and exclusivity, and provide numerous astonishing views.

The focus of this unique non-woven wallpaper collection is on nature motifs, which are a highlight in every room due to their special haptics and elegant coloring.

The wallpapers convince not only by their high quality, the unusual patterns and motifs are on every wall a special eye-catcher.

A velvety soft surface makes the non-woven wallpaper not only visually but also haptically a real eye-catcher. The soft and elegant color scheme lets the wallpaper shine in every room.

Put a highlight in the living room with non-woven wallpapers, on which fine glass beads form natural plant motifs. The noble glass beads make the non-woven wallpaper a high-quality eye-catcher.

Classical wallpapers, which shine noble, complement each pattern stylishly, so that they can unfold their full effect. With holographic effects your walls get a unique look that will catch everyone's eye.

Each pattern has its own charisma and tells its own story on the wall. The exclusive designs find their place in each of your walls, to radiate unique and special.

Create with the high-quality non-woven wallpapers from the collection Reflect an exclusive living ambience with many, unique eye-catchers and highlights.

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