Eijffinger - Lounge - The magic of 1001 nights gives your walls with fine glass beads unique charm

With Eijffinger's "Lounge" non-woven wallpaper collection, you can choose from a variety of warm shades such as beige and brown and exotic colors like curry. The oriental charm of matching floral patterns and mandalas make the look of 1001 nights perfect. Especially in this exclusive collection are the real glass beads that perfectly match the oriental charm.

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Eijffinger Lounge 55-388714 graphic pattern rosa Vliestapete
Item no.: 55-388714
7,00 €/m69,95€*
Eijffinger Lounge 55-388782 Vliestapete Mandala mint silver
Item no.: 55-388782
7,00 €/m69,95€*
55-388802 Vliestapete Eijffinger Lounge Uni Schimmer Cremwithe
Eijffinger Lounge 55-388750 Butterfly Blumen Retro Glass Bead Cream
Eijffinger Lounge 55-388791 Vliestapete Flockpattern black braun
Item no.: 55-388791
14,00 €/m140,00€*
55-388771 Vlieestapete Ornament black Flock Eijffinger Lounge
Item no.: 55-388771
14,00 €/m140,00€*
Eijffinger Lounge 55-388784 Fluted beige Sand Mandala
Item no.: 55-388784
7,00 €/m69,95€*
55-388804 Fly-tracked Eijffinger Lounge Uni gold Schimmer
Item no.: 55-388804
7,60 €/m75,95€*
55-388781 Vliestapete Mandala rose kupfer Eijffinger Lounge
Item no.: 55-388781
7,00 €/m69,95€*
Eijffinger Lounge 55-388772 Vlieestapete Ornament grey silver
Item no.: 55-388772
7,00 €/m69,95€*
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With the non-woven wallpapers from the collection "Lounge" by Eijffinger you lend your walls an oriental flair and make your hall or living room a very special eye-catcher.

From sun yellow to curry, from orange to brown, these cheerful colours can be wonderfully combined and bring comfort to your home.

With its non-woven wallpaper collection, Eijffinger offers a wide range of motif variants, such as large and small floral motifs and mandalas. But even the plain-colored textured wallpaper brings interesting effects in your living area even with simple designs.

Different color intensities allow you to choose powerful contrasts to liven up your spaces. If you prefer something a little simpler, you can combine pattern and plain wallpaper to create interesting room images.

The collection also has a lot to offer in terms of feel. From smooth to textured wallpapers everything is there. And the foamed and with slight glitter effects occupied wallpaper are a very special eye-catcher.

Thanks to this large selection, the collection leaves plenty of room for individual designs.

Let your creativity run free and design your walls with the magic of 1001 Nights.

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