Metropolis by Michalsky - modern design wallpapers with graphics for the living room

Extravagant, modern and exceptional graphics wallpapers for your living room stand for the new collection of A.S. Creation - Metropolis by Michalsky. The fashion designer Michael Michalsky has been brought together with the wallpaper manufacturer his second wallpaper collection on the market. The focus of the collection are fancy patterns and unique graphics on non-woven wallpapers, such as 3D optics, natural plant motifs and impressive floral patterns.

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The German fashion designer Michael Michalsky is known for his fashion, but now also includes wallpapers in the range of the Berliner. In his latest collection he shows his extravagant, trendy and fashion clear thoughts.

In his collection he used mainly simple and natural colors combined with eye-catching and extravagant patterns and graphics.
The intention of his wallpaper collection is to change an entire room with wallpapers. The rooms should act modern and cozy.

He has a wide variety of textures and patterns used: from fine, simple wallpaper to structured wallpaper and wide, eye-catching stripes is all there in his collection.

The Michalsky-collection is divided in 5 topics: Hollywood, South Beach, Chelsea, Soho and Mayfair.

For each topic, he has designed matching wallpapers.

The collection begins with the topic "Hollywood". To this end, he has combined an eye-catching graphic pattern with plain colors. With three different versions of the wallpaper, even with dark shades of gray, with bright shades of gray and cream color shades, A.S. Creation offers the right wallpaper for each customer.

In "South Beach" style Michalsky has designed a summery, fresh natural motif, which can be combined in 4 different versions each with matching uni wallpapers and a matching striped-wallpaper.

The "Chelsea" series characterizes an exceptional 3D pattern on a non-woven wallpaper. The unique 3D vision can be found again in several designs and makes every living room as an eye-catcher.

Noble ornaments and classic stripes crown the "Soho" series. The luster pigments of the wallpaper look very elegant.

Extravagant floral pattern provides the "Mayfair" series. The warm colors make your living room cozy and homely.

With the wallpaper of the Metropolis collection of Michalsky each room is changed and gets its own character.

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