Trends Home 1 - Designer Wallpapers by Architects Paper with stylish ornaments and embellishments

Classic wallpapers for a modern and elegant living experience. Ornaments, stripes and extravagant patterns play an important role in this high-quality wallpaper collection.

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Architects Paper has worked with AS Creation to create the high-quality designer wallpaper collection "Architects Paper Trends Home". Elegant motifs such as ornaments decorate the non-woven wallpapers of this collection in soft colors. The style of the Neo-Baroque goes through the entire collection.

Patterned wallpaper with extravagant embellishments such as curved shapes, patterns and stripes decorate the thoroughly designed wallpaper by Architects Paper. Re-design your living room or bedroom and add a new feel to your home.

Flowery ornaments or ornaments on a slightly shiny surface give the wallpaper the certain charm and bring shining freshness into your living space. However, this collection also includes simple plain wallpaper in delicate cream tones. But also more intense tones like rust brown, light green or violet can be found in this collection.

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