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The Baroque style - classic and extravagant wallpapers ensure elegance and glamour

Turn with non-woven wallpaper your four walls in a glamorous sitting-room in Baroque style. Classical ornament pattern with ostentatious colors. Gold, silver combined with strong colors such as red, blue and green set great highlights. With a gloss finish on wallpaper and borders to create an extravagant atmosphere in your home, living room or bedroom.

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AS Creation Kingston 32755-1 cream-white paper wallpaper
Item no.: 8-32755-1
1,95 €/m19,56€*24,45 €
Quick sightseeing 7-433029 ornament pattern non-woven gray
Item no.: 7-433029
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
23-104938 Ambrosia Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper gold red baroque
Item no.: 23-104938
6,70 €/m67,32€*99,00 €
Rasch 7-433005 Sightseeing Ornament motif non-woven cream
Item no.: 7-433005
1,76 €/m17,73€*23,95 €
Rasch textile Velluto 23-074931 textile wallpaper gray living room ornaments
36-PALA83558501 Texdecor Casadeco - Palazzo red ornaments non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-PALA83558501
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
AS Creation Kingston 32750-3 paper wallpaper gold glitter ornaments
Item no.: 8-32750-3
2,07 €/m20,77€*25,95 €
36-PALA83616420 Texdecor Casadeco - Palazzo petrol non-woven wallpaper ornaments
Item no.: 36-PALA83616420
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Casa Deco - Riverside 2 36-RRS26191502 chocolate brown non-woven
Item no.: 36-RRS26191502
6,84 €/m68,72€*70,85 €
37-OR2007 Grandeco Origine cream-beige non-woven wallpaper ornaments
Item no.: 37-OR2007
2,62 €/m26,36€*32,95 €
36-CHT22948131 Casa Deco - Chantilly red ornament non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-CHT22948131
5,67 €/m56,99€*58,75 €
23-078014 Liaison Rasch Textil creme-white ornament textile wallpaper
Item no.: 23-078014
5,80 €/m58,24€*72,80 €
36-PALA83560407 Texdecor Casadeco - Palazzo ornamental wallpaper non-woven petrol
Item no.: 36-PALA83560407
5,04 €/m50,64€*52,21 €
Texdecor Casadeco - Palazzo 36-PALA83579512 Ornaments brown non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-PALA83579512
5,04 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
Metropolis by Michalsky 8-30396-4, 303964 dark-green ornament wallpaper
Item no.: 8-30396-4
1,95 €/m19,56€*27,95 €
Rasch textile Velluto 23-075037 textile wallpaper white dining ornaments
Item no.: 23-075037
5,73 €/m57,56€*79,94 €
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Wherever noble pattern and a great atmosphere to be desired, baroque wallpaper is the perfect choice. The time of the Baroque style spread over the period from 1600 bis 1730.

The baroque style wallpaper as we know them today, developed from the then typical oriental Mustern.Barock is called an expression of classic beauty and splendor. The style of the wallpaper exactly reflects this: ornamental pattern with ostentatious colors.

Red, brown and green is to be found especially. Ornaments are often seen in gold. Repetitive, for example, the floral patterns as a flowering vine meander up the wall, are popular motifs from the Baroque period.

This is often one stripe wallpaper and the matching uni wallpapers in many different colors. Today, however baroque wallpapers are generally restricted to two colors. Modern materials and designs make modern baroque style wallpaper to a luxurious style of living, especially with dark-ground baroque wallpaper and metallic silver or gold patterns can produce dramatic scenery.

Especially on large walls of these great patterns to their best advantage. If you want to achieve a particularly precious and elegant look, black is perfect as a base color in combination with a metallic color.

Patterns in a copper color like bronze, silver and gold bring through your reflection in the wall motion. Wallpapers walls with baroque wallpaper provide an atmospheric background for your Möbel.

Passend these wallpapers is the Baroque-style window decorations and sumptuous fabrics that were once mostly made of velvet and silk. In general, the art room was very self-conscious in the Baroque period.

Baroque wallpaper often have a glossy surface, or a combination of matte and glossy. These wallpapers are combined either with stripes wallpaper or with different colored wallpaper have also ornamental patterns.

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