woodchip wallpaper - paintable wallpapers with fine structures

Woodchip wallpapers are probably the best known and most frequently processed wallpaper. They are available with different structure and can be deleted at will and pass over several times. Woodchip wallpaper is simple and timeless and suitable for any room.

The woodchip wallpaper is very well known and is often processed. Through its simplicity, it is suitable for very timeless and pretty much every room. One sees the wallpaper often in public buildings but also in private households is often processed and deleted individually.

The woodchip wallpaper is available in three different structures, fine, medium and coarse. Small wood fibers are incorporated into the structure and are made with three layers of paper.
A great advantage of the woodchip is that they may be repeatedly recoated. And thus does not have to be removed at each renovation. Where: the coarser the structure, the more often, the wallpaper can be painted. Since the structure / grain remains visible for longer.

The processing is very simple. Woodchip is brushed with glue and then must soak for a few minutes. Then the strips of wallpaper can be easily papered adjacent. Small irregularities can hide well structured wallpaper. If the surface has been primed accordingly, can the wallpaper peel dry.

Design your rooms with simple and timeless woodchip wallpaper and paint the walls according to your preference.

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