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Specials- Highlights and things you need for wallpapering

In our category 'Specials' you will find everything you need for decorating and highlights: different photo wallpaper, wall stickers, white, paintable wallpapers and accessories.

At our specials there are four categories: photo-wallpaper, wall stickers, white paintables and accessories. Under the category Photography wallpapers you find the topics of the photo-wallpapers: Nature, Animals, Culture, Space Universe, Effects, Art History nostalgia, Kitchen, Modern, door posters, sports and children / youth room. In the photo-wallpapers there is enough choice of motifs and inspirations appropriate for your furnishing.

At the wall stickers, there are also a very large selections of motifs from animals to buildings, African motifs, kitchens – motifs and flowers.

At the white paintable you will find a large selection of wallpaper that can be painted over.

But they are different in the optics. Choose between white paintable in rough fiber optics, optical polishing, or tissue optics.

Many woodchip-like wallpaper and also smooth non-woven wallpapers are also part of this kategory. In the last category you will find all the necessary accessories: from wallpapering tools and brushes / brushes, paint rollers / ink rollers, creative techniques to plastering techniques, paste / glue and equipment.

Below: wallpapering tools' , you will find a cutter rail, painting and skirt brushes and painters spatula, seam roller, wallpapering scissors and much more. When, brush / brush 'you can find the different brushes, as the title implies.

A ‘’Aufsteckbügel’’ for paint rollers you will find, paint roller / paint rollers'.

In the category of creative techniques' area you will find different skim coating, wet sandpaper and others. All the tools you need for plastering, you will find under ‘brushing technique': A trowel, plastering trowel, etc.

As the name implies, you will find under, paste / glue' the various adhesive from the company ‘Metylan’. Under, Accessories' you will find section covering tarps, duct tape, residential air gauges and much more. So at our specials you will find everything you need for decorating and can look around at the same time during the photo-wallpaper and wall stickers.

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