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Wallpapers for youth room - space for free time and development

In establishing the Youth Room the taste of the young person is first up. It is also particularly important that he or she feels comfortable. Discover in these pages modern wallpaper, curtains and fabrics that are perfect for the youth room.

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Retro wallpaper, living room, vinyl wallpaper
Item no.: 428004-BW57492
4,47 €/m44,95€*
Vinyl wallpaper, retro wallpaper, bedroom, glossy
Item no.: 428004-BW57494
4,47 €/m44,95€*
Brillux CreaGlas VG 2119 Property medium
Item no.: 345721190000
3,60 €/m179,93€*
Abaca 23-229331 Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper olive green checkered
Item no.: 23-229331
4,12 €/m41,37€*59,95 €
Eijffinger Reflect 55-378028 non-woven wallpaper withe pattern
Item no.: 55-378028
14,50 €/Meter145,00€*
Texdecor Caselio - Girls Only 36-GLN61978030 Tapete
Item no.: 36-GLN61978030
3,14 €/m31,59€*
33581-3, 335813 velours wallpaper Castello AS Creation warm-grey stripes
Item no.: 8-33581-3
9,70 €/m97,46€*129,95 €
Eijffinger PIP Studio 55-375052, non-woven wallpaper blue
Item no.: 55-375052
6,30 €/m62,95€*
AS Creation Authentic Walls 8-30249-1, 302491 light gray wallpaper books
Item no.: 8-30249-1
1,93 €/m19,41€*26,95 €
Restored 23-227757 Rasch Textil non-woven wallpaper dark brown shimmer
Item no.: 23-227757
3,65 €/m36,72€*52,46 €
Texdecor Caselio - Girls Only 36-GLN61974015 Tapete
Item no.: 36-GLN61974015
3,14 €/m31,59€*
AS Creation Björn 34869-2, non-woven wallpaper middle-grey graphic pattern
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In the youth room the privacy of young people is first up. In about just as important is that he or she feels comfortable and the room itself is decorated to the taste of the young person.

The right wallpaper plays of course a big role. Often the uni wallpaper with a stripe and / or pattern wallpaper is combined. If you want to put a modern highlight, a photo wallpaper for the youth room is recommended.

Popular motifs are often photos of cities, especially pictures of New York City, as well as their metro rail system and individual buildings and skyscrapers.  Or you could paper a photo wallpaper suitable for the particular hobby, such as: football, basketball, music, dance or animals.

A photo wallpaper is very popular because it is very modern and a real eye-catcher in the room for the young person. For guys, the colors blue and green are very popular, for girls pink, purple and red.

Distinctive pattern wallpapers are also very popular among young people, for example, wallpaper with graphic pattern and for girls are also wallpaper with floral patterns in high demand. Most important for youth room design is still that the taste of young person is made.

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