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Wallpaper for the dining room make the place of coming together

The dining room is no longer a space just for the food, nowadays it is often a meeting place with friends and guests. It is important that the dining room is bright and radiates joy. Because bright colors increases the sociability factor. All non woven wallpapers and suggestions for a sociable dining room you will find on these pages.

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Fabric 38-3914-93 Lars Conzen - Colour Courage AS Creation
Item no.: 38-3914-93
19,77 €/m19,77€*21,96 €
Rasch Textile Velluto 23-074849 textile wallpaper brown Living room baroque
Fibra 23-109083 Rasch Textil wallpaper stripes beige living room
Item no.: 23-109083
7,52 €/m75,57€*94,45 €
23-228396_2 Rasch Textil Restored non-woven wallpaper plain hallway beige
Item no.: 23-228396_2
3,65 €/m36,72€*52,46 €
AS Creation X-Ray 34246-1 non-woven wallpaper little leaves beige shining
Item no.: 8-34246-1
2,57 €/m25,86€*36,95 €
23-226088 Amira Rasch Textil uni wallpaper gray non-woven wallpaper shiny
Item no.: 23-226088
3,62 €/m36,43€*49,90 €
Rasch Textil Restored 23-024023 gray wall optics non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 23-024023
4,39 €/m44,07€*62,95 €
Rasch Cosmopolitan 7-576672 non-woven wallpaper black cushion optics
Item no.: 7-576672
2,71 €/m27,27€*38,95 €
Rasch Uptown 7-402001 white gray living room non-woven wallpaper plants
Item no.: 7-402001
1,99 €/m19,96€*24,95 €
Casadeco - Innocence 36-ICC27600123 fabric creamy white branch
Item no.: 36-ICC27600123
100,88 €/Meter100,88€*103,99 €
Rasch Blue Velvet 7-609820 non-woven wallpaper taupe striped dining room
Item no.: 7-609820
2,17 €/m21,80€*27,95 €
AS Creation 8-93839-1 AP Trends Home I cream white ornaments
Item no.: 8-93839-1
3,55 €/m35,71€*49,94 €
Brillux Light fleece 130 approximately 0.75 x 40 m 1 rol
Item no.: 130100400000
1,25 €/m49,90€*
Marburg Zuhause Wohnen 4 6-57149 non-woven wallpaper creme-white ornament
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The dining room is the room where we enjoy our food. But it is also a kind of center and a place of coming together. It is often met in the dining room also with friends and you talk with guests.

Most important to you is of course that your guests feel comfortable. The feel-good factor, you can easily achieve with bright colors. Bright colors radiate warmth and joy. You also stimulate the appetite - perfect for a dining room.

Dining room are often seen in combination with open living area and / or kitchen. In this case, the dining room is the heart of the home as well as the living room. Dining rooms are papered in plain wallpaper often.

This is the reason that you have incredible possibilities to decorate the room just when you papered University of wallpapers.  For example with your favorite pictures.   The trend in the dining room is currently in the direction of strip wallpaper.

Wide stripes in bright colors bring joy and freshness to the room.  If you place a lot of worth on comfort, especially the country-style or Mediterranean style fits in the dining room.

Wallpaper bring the country-style furniture particularly well.  Small flowers and leaf patterns highlight the natural and rustic look of country furniture beautifully.  Would you prefer to set up your dining room elegant, the colonial or modern country-style would be perfekt. Choose yourself how you change your dinning-room in a happy meeting place.

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