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Trims- small rolls of wallpaper with a big effect

On these pages you will also find self-adhesive borders and borders for a coherent overall picture, or for a real eye-catcher. We offer a wide selection of designs and colors.

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Cocktail 8-94314-2, 94314-2 meditation non-woven trim blue-brown
Item no.: 8-94314-2
3,90 €/m19,49€*27,45 €
36-CHT22938104 Casa Deco - Chantilly red non-woven Toile de Jouy border
Texdecor Casa Deco - Marina 36-MRN25138114 boats Borte creamy white
Item no.: 36-MRN25138114
7,75 €/m38,75€*
8-30409-1, 304091 Schöner Wohnen 8 AS Creation mint green Flower border
Item no.: 8-30409-1
3,16 €/m15,80€*21,96 €
Casa Deco - Chantilly 36-CHT22936126 border light blue Toile de Jouy
Item no.: 36-CHT22936126
9,66 €/m48,30€*
Caselio - Bon Appetit border 36-BAP68447084 sand-grey trees non-woven
border Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68478099 red grey non-woven kitchen
Texdecor Caselio - Love 36-LOV62600009 vinyl border
Item no.: 36-LOV62600009
8,10 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Girls Only  36-GLN61966170 Borte
Item no.: 36-GLN61966170
6,16 €/m30,80€*
Texdecor Caselio - Girls Only 36-GLN62034129 Borte
Item no.: 36-GLN62034129
6,16 €/m30,80€*
Texdecor Caselio - Girls Only 36-GLN61984086 Tapete
Item no.: 36-GLN61984086
6,16 €/m30,80€*
Texdecor Casa Deco - Marina 36-MRN25131433 non-woven border Boats white
Texdecor Casa Deco - Marina 36-MRN25149120 boat braid sand-gray
Item no.: 36-MRN25149120
7,75 €/m38,75€*
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In general, the border or also wallpaper border, is referred to a printed roll of wallpaper with colorful motifs and ornaments. A border is the perfect complement to an overall picture. A trim can be nicely combined with a pattern-wallpaper  and a plain- wallpaper.
This combination is often seen and gives the room a certain unity.Trims are so perfect to loosen up a simple wallpaper. The border can be papered in every room, from the children’s room to the bedroom and also in the corridor.

As motifs, patterns and colors and also in terms quality, there are plenty to choose from trims, from flowers and natural patterns to graphic patterns and very simple trims.

Be creative and paper trimmings vertically than horizontally, or in exchange with plain or textured wallpaper stripe pattern. Combine the Border with a Wall Decal, or let the trim frame a door.

In case you have a very large room, you can also use the border to share the room and make it cozy. As a contrast to the wallpaper borders are rarely used.

There are also self-stick borders, these have the advantage that they can be aligned very accurately. But they are priced considerably more expensive than trims that are sticked with wallpaper-paste.

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