Caselio Vitamine - new lust for life on wallpaper for kitchen, living room, bedroom and hallway

The non-woven wallpaper in the collection of vitamins from Caselio bring new momentum in your four walls. With different patterned circles, stylized branches or modern retro patterns you bring fresh life like home.

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Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62841020 strips cream white non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-VTA62841020
4,59 €/m46,17€*47,60 €
36-VTA62881008 Caselio Vitamins points non-woven wallpaper light-gray
Item no.: 36-VTA62881008
3,86 €/m38,81€*40,00 €
36-VTA56491345 Caselio Vitamins cream non-woven gray plain wallpaper Glitter
Item no.: 36-VTA56491345
4,52 €/m45,40€*46,80 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62889060 gray dots non-woven wallpaper matt
Item no.: 36-VTA62889060
3,86 €/m38,81€*40,00 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62885005 dark-pink non-woven wallpaper points
Item no.: 36-VTA62885005
3,86 €/m38,81€*40,00 €
36-VTA62846020 Caselio vitamins non-woven wallpaper creamy white structure
Item no.: 36-VTA62846020
4,59 €/m46,17€*47,60 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA56495130 pink non-woven wallpaper structure Uni
Item no.: 36-VTA56495130
4,52 €/m45,40€*46,80 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62875188 Branch Pattern non-woven wallpaper cream
Item no.: 36-VTA62875188
4,59 €/m46,17€*47,60 €
36-VTA62925647 Caselio vitamins mural flowers colorful non-woven Checked
Item no.: 36-VTA62925647
234,35 €/Stück234,35€*241,61 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA56498110 red non-woven wallpaper Uni structured
Item no.: 36-VTA56498110
4,52 €/m45,40€*46,80 €
36-VTA62895187 Caselio vitamins non-woven wallpaper creamy white stripes
Item no.: 36-VTA62895187
3,86 €/m38,81€*40,00 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62861090 circles cream-white non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-VTA62861090
4,88 €/m49,08€*50,60 €
36-VTA56491650 Caselio vitamins khaki-green plain non-woven wallpaper matt
Item no.: 36-VTA56491650
4,52 €/m45,40€*46,80 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA62845180 Retro non-woven wallpaper creamy white
Item no.: 36-VTA62845180
4,59 €/m46,17€*47,60 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA56495400 raspberry red non-woven uni wallpaper matt
Item no.: 36-VTA56495400
4,52 €/m45,40€*46,80 €
Caselio Vitamins 36-VTA56497204 bright-green patterned wallpaper Uni
Item no.: 36-VTA56497204
4,52 €/m45,40€*46,80 €
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With the wallpaper collection Vitamine of Caselio you bring fresh colors and thus also new Elan home. The bright but muted colors such as green, red, purple or cream are sometimes available in light or dark shades. Partially the uni wallpapers are covered with a fine glitter dust which gives an extravagant impression of each wall. There is every color combination the matching striped wallpaper, which can be paper to the respective patterns and universities.

The mix of a typical retro pattern and fashionable colors makes a great combination and lights up the whole walls in a whole new look. To this end, we combined the remaining walls uni or strip wallpaper, let the space appear in a uniform overall picture.

To add some liveliness the walls, provide dotted and dashed circles in different colors and sizes a great eye-catcher. Due to these silvery surfaces creates a touch of elegance and gives a nice glow when exposed to light.

But a piece of nature can not be missing in this collection. The pattern of branches are equipped with circles representing the leaves in stylized form. Even here the bright colors used and conjure up a modern look in the living room, bedroom or hallway.

The three murals emphasize the charm of this collection perfectly. The design with drop-forms is available in two color variants. The colors green, blue and purple and red, orange and pink reflect the colors of nature again wonderful and give a harmonious look. The flower motif, which consists of small squares can create a great accent wall that attracts everyone's attention.

Get infected and shape of the good mood of the collection Vitamine. Their four walls with fresh colors and start with much enthusiasm and zest for life in each new day.

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