Caselio – Swing – Colourful fleece wallpapers with graphic patterns

The wallpaper collection offers a wide range of colours and patterns. Caselio - Swing is the perfect collection to improve your living room with gentle accents on your wall. Graphic patterns and neat colours form the basis for your own interior design.

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Texdecor Caselio - Swing 36-SNG68525283 plain wallpaper dark blue
Item no.: 36-SNG68525283
3,87 €/m38,85€*
Caselio - Swing 36-SNG68936583 Texdecor wallpaper plants blue brown
Item no.: 36-SNG68936583
4,80 €/m48,20€*
Texdecor Caselio - Swing 36-SNG68933377 orange pink plant wallpaper
Item no.: 36-SNG68933377
4,80 €/m48,20€*
36-SNG68881230 Texdecor Caselio - Swing wallpaper pattern beige-gray
Item no.: 36-SNG68881230
4,80 €/m48,20€*
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Bestow a soft image in your room with the collection „Swing“ from Caselio. 

Modern patterns, hexagons arranged one after another and stripes that are in bright colours lend each of your rooms a personal touch. This collection lays the focus on fancy colours. Would you like to embellish your walls with a wallpaper which is not found everywhere? Then you should search for a wallpaper with different blue-tones, for example: “Jeans”-blue and “Pigeon”-blue in the collection. 

In order to round off your room with these extraordinary wallpapers, you should take a fitting uni wallpaper and refurbish your other walls with it. These round off the countenance of the room and convey a feeling of harmony. Fleece wallpapers from the “Swing” collection by Caselio are perfect for adults who want to live in a modern house, but don’t want to be content with normal colours like white. 

You can put such fleece wallpapers on the wall with the wall-pasting technique, furthermore you don’t have to worry that the colour will be weakened because the wallpapers have a well-defined resistance against sun rays. Beautify different rooms of your house with this collection like your bedroom or your living room. If you are a person who wants to start the day with a wonderful and colourful view, than the “Swing” collection by Caselio has the perfect fleece wallpapers for you. 

So when you want colourful fleece wallpapers and not only black and white, then you should set your own statement with the collection “Swing” by Caselio.

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