Caselio – Scarlett – colorful vinyl wallpaper with stunning graphic patterns

Decorate your walls with the vinyl wallpapers from "Scarlett" according to your wishes. The manufacturer Caselio offers in this collection a wide range of fresh colors and stylish, graphic patterns, which are waiting to move into your home.

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Fresh and natural look the vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing from "Scarlett" by Caselio. From simple cream to expressive blue, the collection offers a wide selection of unique vinyl wallpapers for your home.

Shiny shells spread over the wall on the vinyl wallpaper convey holiday feelings throughout the year. Whether with a blue, white or brown background - the shells are perfectly accentuated by their noble shine on the wall.

Graphic patterns are also not missing in this collection. Big and small checks, each with its own pattern or triangles that make an impressive impact on the wall, will enchant any of your walls.

Leafy tendrils beautify the walls in gold and silver. The gentle glow of the motifs makes the wall radiate uniquely and attracts every glance.

Uni wallpaper is not the same as uni wallpaper in "Scarlett". Each uni wallpaper is unique in its own way and with its fine golden luster pigments ensure an impressive look on the wall. Combine the graphic patterns with a matching plain wallpaper. The large color selection let your wishes run free.

Fine peacock feathers adorn your four walls. Depending on the incidence of light they lift off the wall in a soft glow and give it a unique look.

Give your rooms a new look with the vinyl wallpaper "Scarlett". Fresh colors and natural patterns make every wall come alive and radiate.

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