Caselio - Metaphore - a mix of natural and flashing as wallpaper and mural for your home

Find in the collection Metaphore by Caselio natural flowers and wood optics or even a mural with motifs of Paris and Italy. Create your favorite rooms with this special pattern wallpaper.

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Texdecor Caselio - Metaphore 36-MTE64521099 Uni sand non-woven
36-MTE65712030 Caselio - Metaphore Texdecor mural clock gold
Item no.: 36-MTE65712030
267,38 €/Stück267,38€*275,65 €
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Put your walls with the special non-woven wallpapers of the collection in Metaphore in scene - Tile optics, stone finishes, murals and striking patterns make it possible.

Nature optics invite to relax and are also a big part of the Metaphore collection: First, we find four pattern wallpaper that bring the wood finish on the walls: On the one hand interesting wallpapers with shutters, which bring a Mediterranean-style in the dining room. In addition, we still find slightly foamed wood doors that are bold colors such as petrol catchers in the living room. Since wooden slats may not be missing for a natural look, you will find two patterns with wooden slats optics: once horizontally and once vertically.

Even a stone-wall-optic allows the living room for a modern appearance: The stones are arranged horizontally, thus forming in sand or gray a wall-optics on the wall. Perfect where a uni wallpaper with lighter stone-optics can be combined, this can also stand alone in the hallway.

Those who prefer a tile-like appearance, the collection of Caselio holds also two tile patterns ready: On the one hand a square tile shape and secondly, a tile-shape, which is reminiscent of spanish tiles.

The highlight of the collection are the pattern wallpaper with numbers pattern, garden motif and house wall. This can also be paper individually and draw every eye.
The collection includes 5 murals to spice up your own four walls: Discover a nostalgic clock, a tree with sun, Italy and Paris and choose your favorite motif.

Combine with the wallpaper collection metaphore natural patterns together and set highlights with a mural.

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