Caselio - Iris - Fabulous non-woven wallpapers with breathtaking wallpaper patterns for a cosy atmosphere in the room

Caselio "Iris" shines through the variety of wallpaper patterns. Whether a starry sky or floral and botanical patterns, each brings out a new side of your furniture. Create beautiful accents in your room with this collection.  

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36-IRS68859093 Caselio - Iris Texdecor gray non-woven wallpaper trees
Caselio - Iris Texdecor 36-IRS68850000 trees silver non-woven wallpaper
Texdecor 36-IRS68869222 Caselio - Iris floral wallpaper non-woven white
Texdecor 36-IRS63440022 Caselio - Iris white non-woven wallpaper shine
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With the non-woven wallpapers of the "Iris" collection from Caselio you can give every room a unique effect. You can expect a lot from the beautiful, but also varied collection. From clouds and floral patterns to landscapes in watercolours, everything is included. Botanical patterns, that look like drawings decorate your walls with tendrils and flowers.

These wallpaper patterns are very fine and find a place everywhere in your house. If you want to decorate your walls with a fine wallpaper, glossy elements and a floral pattern, than this collection is perfect for you. The focus of the collection is set by the landscape, cloud and star patterns. These add a breathtaking atmosphere to your home. The landscape patterns should be wallpapered in a room on the wall, where you not only want to change the ambience of the room with a painting like wallpaper, but also set an eye-catcher for yourself and other people. These trigger an immediate "wow effect" on other people.

You can find such wallpapers here in many beautiful color combinations. Whether it's the floral patterns in "mint" -green and "light" -grey, or the cloud patterns in a "baby" -pink, each of these wallpaper patterns are so accurate in their choice of colour and accents, that you can wallpaper them from the living room to the bedroom. To complete the room with the beautiful wallpapers, you can combine them with a matching uni wallpaper. These have the same beautiful choice of colours as the non-woven wallpapers and are perfectly matched to underline your room. With the "Iris" collection from Caselio you can give each of your rooms that certain something that you won't find everywhere. 

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