Caselio – Bon Appetit – natural non-woven wallpapers with beautiful patterns for the kitchen

With "Bon Appetit", the wallpaper manufacturer Caselio has specialized in the quiet design of the walls of his kitchen. Natural wood look and tender writing make your walls a unique eye-catcher.

Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP25030127 non-woven wallpaper cream-white uni
Item no.: 36-BAP25030127
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68463010 mural orange cream recipes
Item no.: 36-BAP68463010
21,43 €/m59,99€*61,84 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit Texdecor non-woven wallpaper 36-BAP68403010 apples orange
Item no.: 36-BAP68403010
4,63 €/m46,51€*47,95 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit border 36-BAP68413056 orange apple kitchen non-woven
Item no.: 36-BAP68413056
6,66 €/m33,32€*34,36 €
Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68402020 non-woven wallpaper yellow apples
Item no.: 36-BAP68402020
4,63 €/m46,51€*47,95 €
non-woven wallpaper Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP63581112 sand-gray uni
Item no.: 36-BAP63581112
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
non-woven wallpaper Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP25039101 bright-grey uni
Item no.: 36-BAP25039101
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
Texdecor Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68412013 border non-woven yellow
Item no.: 36-BAP68412013
6,66 €/m33,32€*34,36 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit non-woven wallpaper 36-BAP25031442 bright-brown uni
Item no.: 36-BAP25031442
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit non-woven wallpaper 36-BAP68389099 dots bright-grey
Item no.: 36-BAP68389099
4,63 €/m46,51€*47,95 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68516006 mural dark-blue tiles
Item no.: 36-BAP68516006
59,99 €/Stück59,99€*61,84 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit Texdecor border 36-BAP68477003 green non-woven kitchen
Item no.: 36-BAP68477003
6,66 €/m33,32€*34,36 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit border 36-BAP68435004 purple cream-white border
Item no.: 36-BAP68435004
6,66 €/m33,32€*34,36 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68393050 non-woven wallpaper stripes orange
Item no.: 36-BAP68393050
4,63 €/m46,51€*47,95 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP25031326 wallpaper non-woven uni sand-gray
Item no.: 36-BAP25031326
4,03 €/m40,50€*41,75 €
Caselio - Bon Appetit 36-BAP68387002 non-woven wallpaper apple-green dots
Item no.: 36-BAP68387002
4,63 €/m46,51€*47,95 €

The collection „Bon Appetit“ by Caselio features a grand variety of different patterns and uni wallpapers for decorating your kitchen and dining room in a stylish and creative way. The combination of fresh and earthy colours lets the high-quality, non-woven wallpapers become an eyecatcher in your kitchen that optically round off any furnishing.

Kitchen supplies and different recipes fit perfectly into your dining room due to their spring-like colours. Get inspried by the different murals with vegetable print or styled like a menu and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Different murals with a tile-like optic embellish your kitchen wall and let it become an eyecatcher.

Cream-coloured wallpapers convince with its unusual but classic apple motif with different colours that create an inviting country style. Small trees and herbs are great motifs for decorating your kitchen walls, as well.

Wooden optics create a natural and positive look for your dining room. The non-woven wallpaper with stone optics is alsso a greate addition to your rooms design, that creates a comfortable ambience.

Different borders with apples, small trees, herbs or recipes printed on are especially suitable to be used as an optical accent with which your kitchen or dining room will become an absolute eyecatcher.

You can also find classic patterned wallpapers with stripes and dots in this collection. Combine them with the different motif wallpapers, with subtle uni wallpapers or with each other to create a room design that fits your wishes.

The collection is rounded off with a big variety of uni walpapers with different colours from natural to colourful. Get inspired by the many combination possibilities and the good quality of the wallpapers.

Let your kitchen and dining room become an eyecatcher that will amaze you and your guests, with the collection „Bon Appetit“ by Caselio.

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