Casamance – Rio Madeira - exotic rainforest motifs and African ethnic patterns for an exotical living experience

Casamance offers a special color appeal and shows the full color palette of the rainforest with all its botanical and tropical beauties. Beautify your rooms with the plain and patterned wallpaper and put with the help of the murals interesting highlights of a very special kind. 

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Wallpaper plain brown beige Casamance - Rio Madeira 48-74251936
Item no.: 48-74251936
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper Light Brown Uni Casamance - Rio Madeira 48-74250712
Item no.: 48-74250712
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper Light blue graphic 48-74270466 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74270466
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper plain gray black 48-74252446 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74252446
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper dark gray leaves 48-74280272 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74280272
11,51 €/m115,70€*
Wallpaper flowers blue yellow Casamance - Rio Madeira 48-74260354
Item no.: 48-74260354
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper plain Light blue 48-74251222 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74251222
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper green leaves pattern Casamance - Rio Madeira 48-74280374
Item no.: 48-74280374
11,51 €/m115,70€*
Wallpaper flowers yellow gray 48-74260252 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74260252
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Mural colorful Tropical 48-74290282 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74290282
473,80 €/Stück473,80€*
Wallpaper Medium blue Uni Casamance - Rio Madeira 48-74252344
Item no.: 48-74252344
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper flowers rose red 48-74260456 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74260456
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper brown gray Uni 48-74251834 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74251834
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper plain beige white 48-74250610 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74250610
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper green Uni 48-74252038 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74252038
12,66 €/m127,20€*
Wallpaper beige graphic 48-74270262 Casamance - Rio Madeira
Item no.: 48-74270262
12,18 €/m122,40€*
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Casamance's Rio Madeira collection depicts the exotic jungle in all its beauty and biodiversity with wild, exotic leaf motifs of agave, cocoa and banana plants.

To emphasize the exotic character, the collection offers special surface structures. There are both smooth surfaces with delicate lines that feel like self-painted oil paintings as well as heavily textured surfaces that are reminiscent of textile textiles.

The pattern wallpapers and murals show everything the versatile flora and fauna of the jungle has to offer - Exotic jungle inhabitants such as hummingbirds and insects find their rightful place here.

Casamance uses the colors of the rainforest for its colors. The collection shows almost all the colors that the green palette gives and thus defies only natural liveliness.

The greens range from dark, intense reed, moss and olive green to bright sea, linden and pistachio green.

In addition to the tropical jungle motifs, the collection Rio Madeira also offers wallpaper with wild African patterns that remind of hand-woven and knotted African fabrics due to their particularly strongly structured surface.

This ethnic pattern is available in different shades of gray, such as light, dark and sand gray, as well as in gray blue and ocher.

For all these pattern wallpapers and murals there is a large selection of matching plain wallpapers. So you will not only find a matching plain wallpaper for the African ethno patterns, but you can even find matching plain wallpapers to the wild jungle motifs.

Let the full virginity of the rainforest, which has grown over thousands of years, flow into the wall design of your living space. Create an incomparable design, set special highlights with the help of the murals and give your rooms something special.

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