Casamance – Portfolio - exotic patterns, strong contrasts and expressive colors

Anyone who attaches importance to expressive colors, strong contrasts and exotic patterns in his interior design is exactly right with Casamance's non-woven wallpaper collection portfolio. From primeval forests, toucans to palm leaves and graphic patterns, everything is what an individual design needs.

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Wallpaper Dark Blue Uni Casamance - Portfolio 48-E9442231
Item no.: 48-E9442231
7,09 €/m71,30€*
Wallpaper stripes brown gray 48-74010268 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-74010268
8,02 €/m80,60€*
Wallpaper blue graphic seashells 48-74000590 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-74000590
11,51 €/m115,70€*
Wallpaper palm leaves blue 48-73960446 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-73960446
10,34 €/m103,90€*
Wallpaper Dark Green Tropical Casamance - Portfolio 48-73960548
Item no.: 48-73960548
10,34 €/m103,90€*
Wallpaper Tropical Leaves Beige Casamance - Portfolio 48-73960140
Item no.: 48-73960140
10,34 €/m103,90€*
Wallpaper Palm leaves Dark Red 48-73960650 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-73960650
10,34 €/m103,90€*
Wallpaper light brown graphic 48-73980254 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-73980254
11,03 €/m110,90€*
Wallpaper Dark Green Uni Casamance - Portfolio 48-E9442027
Item no.: 48-E9442027
7,09 €/m71,30€*
Wallpaper Palm leaves gray beige Casamance - Portfolio 48-73960344
Item no.: 48-73960344
10,34 €/m103,90€*
Wallpaper Dark Green Floral Graphic Casamance - Portfolio 48-73980560
Wallpaper Uni Dark Red 48-E9442129 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-E9442129
7,09 €/m71,30€*
Wallpaper green cream stripes Casamance - Portfolio 48-74010370
Item no.: 48-74010370
8,02 €/m80,60€*
Wallpaper Dark Green Tropical Casamance - Portfolio 48-73950235
Item no.: 48-73950235
12,78 €/m128,40€*
Wallpaper blue Uni Casamance - Portfolio 48-E9441710
Item no.: 48-E9441710
7,09 €/m71,30€*
Wallpaper beige Uni 48-E9440624 Casamance - Portfolio
Item no.: 48-E9440624
7,09 €/m71,30€*
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The wallcovering manufacturer Casamance has succeeded with its Portfolio collection in a combination of different exotic pattern and plain wallpapers with tight contrasts and noble gloss effects.

Portfolio offers a wide range of different exotic motifs on topics such as primeval forest, palm leaves, shells and unusual, graphic ornaments. Casamance leaves much room for an individual design of your living space, whether bedroom, living room, hallway or the dining room.

This collection is also very haptic due to the different surface structures and thus offers not only a visually an extraordinary design experience.

Matching the exotic patterns, Casamance also offers an interesting selection of intense and expressive colors. Dark blue and orange radiate calm and relaxation and emerald and tourmaline green have a restful effect and promote harmony. Warm chestnut red, beige and cream, on the other hand, look warm and homely, while blue-gray and taupe are more in keeping with modern living arrangements.

With the non-woven wallpaper collection Portfolio it is easy for everyone to give their living rooms that certain something and to create an individual and cozy living atmosphere. You can rely on strong contrasts and colors that match your own style of furnishing.

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