Casamance – Estampe - classic Japanese traditions new and modern interpreted

Casamance brings the classic Japanese paper art with unusual patterns to their advantage and reinterprets them with meaningful colors. Beautify your walls, relying on strong contrasts and interesting structures.

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Wallpaper copper orange Uni Casamance - Estampe 48-74021963
Item no.: 48-74021963
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper gray yellow Abstract 48-74050523 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74050523
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper Light gray Abstract 48-74050131 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74050131
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper plain cream gray Casamance - Estampe 48-74022159
Item no.: 48-74022159
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper olive green gold Uni 48-74021277 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74021277
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper sand beige Uni 48-74020493 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74020493
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper Dark green Uni Casamance - Estampe 48-74021179
Item no.: 48-74021179
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper Dark Red Uni 48-74021865 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74021865
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper blue green Abstract 48-74050327 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74050327
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper blue reed Casamance - Estampe 48-74030347
Item no.: 48-74030347
11,36 €/m114,20€*
Wallpaper Dark brown Uni 48-74022061 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74022061
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper plain orange Casamance - Estampe 48-74021767
Item no.: 48-74021767
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wallpaper green Mint Uni 48-74021081 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74021081
12,76 €/m128,20€*
Wall panel Light Blue Abstract 48-74120130 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74120130
312,51 €/Stück312,51€*
Wallpaper Abstract blue Casamance - Estampe 48-74050425
Item no.: 48-74050425
12,18 €/m122,40€*
Wallpaper Medium Brown Uni 48-74021669 Casamance - Estampe
Item no.: 48-74021669
12,76 €/m128,20€*
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With its non-woven wallpaper collection Estampe Casamance offers an extraordinary combination of patterned wallpapers with interesting structured surfaces.

The patterns remind the viewer of the classic Japanese way of making paper and thus bring a touch of exoticism into their own four walls.

As a further component of the collection, there is a very wide range of uni wallpapers of different shades and nuances.

For example, choose one of the uni wallpapers in earthy natural shades such as sand gray, earth brown, light beige or cream. These colors create a homely and cozy atmosphere and highlight especially colored furniture very well. Indigo blue, olive green, curry yellow and chestnut red are available for a more dominant color effect. With these shades you create eye-catchers and let individual walls stand out.

For a modern and elegant wall design, combine the intensely colored uni wallpapers with one of the patterned non-woven wallpapers in black, white or gray or be brave and combine different patterns with each other. Thanks to the large selection of colors on plain wallpaper Casamance creates another way of wall design. For example, use interesting and exciting color contrasts such as green and red, blue and yellow or gray and beige. With the help of such color contrasts, it is very easy to create a lively and expressive wall design.

If you prefer a more harmonious and inconspicuous wall design, you will find a pattern wallpaper in the same hue for every uni wallpaper. Unlike strong color contrasts, an interesting wall design can be created without dominating the furniture.

Decide for yourself which of Casamance's non-woven wallpapers best suits your interior design style and give your rooms a new feeling of living according to your taste.

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