Casadeco - Vision - timeless wallpaper with geometric shapes in Bauhaus style

Modern furniture requires a wall design that is just. Casadeco's geometric patterned Bauhaus wallpaper, metallic sheen and modern colors are just what you need for a unique look.

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Wallpaper blue 3D graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83726426
Item no.: 36-VISI83726426
7,06 €/m70,96€*73,15 €
Wallpaper graphic yellow 36-VISI83742428 Casadeco - Vision
Item no.: 36-VISI83742428
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper graphic blue 36-VISI83746311 Casadeco - Vision
Item no.: 36-VISI83746311
6,75 €/m67,80€*69,90 €
Wallpaper beige circles graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83671404
Item no.: 36-VISI83671404
7,06 €/m70,96€*73,15 €
Wallpaper beige graphic 36-VISI83741135 Casadeco - Vision
Item no.: 36-VISI83741135
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper blue graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83666424
Item no.: 36-VISI83666424
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper black circles Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83679510
Item no.: 36-VISI83679510
7,06 €/m70,96€*73,15 €
Wallpaper graphic light brown Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83741221
Item no.: 36-VISI83741221
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper plain taupe 36-VISI17400603 Casadeco - Vision
Item no.: 36-VISI17400603
6,05 €/m60,77€*62,65 €
Wallpaper pink graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83744131
Item no.: 36-VISI83744131
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper circles black 36-VISI83689505 Casadeco - Vision
Item no.: 36-VISI83689505
7,06 €/m70,96€*73,15 €
Wallpaper Medium brown graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83742422
Item no.: 36-VISI83742422
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper cream graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83740101
Item no.: 36-VISI83740101
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper Abstract yellow Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83732303
Item no.: 36-VISI83732303
7,06 €/m70,96€*73,15 €
Wallpaper pink graphic Casadeco - Vision 36-VISI83664132
Item no.: 36-VISI83664132
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
Wallpaper Beige graphic 36-VISI83741329 Casadeco - Vision
Item no.: 36-VISI83741329
6,75 €/m67,79€*69,90 €
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With its Vision collection, Casadeco offers a successful selection of non-woven wallpapers with linear, abstract and geometric shapes for a very modern and exclusive wall design.

Strong colors such as yellow and blue are combined with pastel shades and shades of gray and metallic gloss effects in silver and gold further enhance the geometric shapes and filigree contours.

Other colors include pink, dark green and various shades of brown and beige.

Strong contours and geometric shapes such as triangles, diamonds, circles and 3D objects dominate the collection. Matte and shiny surfaces are mixed together and create a particularly interesting look.

The combination of these shapes and the modern colors has a lively effect and brings dynamics to the walls in the living area. Whether in the hall, in the living room or in the bedroom - with these non-woven wallpapers, every wall becomes a very special eye-catcher.

Finely structured, shiny lines create a unique sense of space together with the strong colors. Showcase individual walls or create complete spaces with these incomparable Bauhaus-style non-woven wallpapers.

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