Casa Deco Infinity - natural woven wallpaper with fine shimmer

The wallpaper manufacturer Casa Deco has developed with the Infinity collection unique non-woven wallpaper with shimmering surfaces. With patterns of leaves and tendrils and matching decorative materials you make harmonious living room and bedroom.

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36-INF24851112 Casa Deco Infinity Flower-brier creamy white non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-INF24851112
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
36-INF24841102 Casa Deco Infinity non-woven wallpaper leaves motif gray
Item no.: 36-INF24841102
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF17400603 sand-gray non-woven wallpaper Uni
Item no.: 36-INF17400603
5,74 €/m57,67€*59,45 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF23861124 Argyle pattern dark-gray non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-INF23861124
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
36-INF24824226 Casa Deco Infinity Uni purple-violet shimmering non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-INF24824226
5,74 €/m57,67€*59,45 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF24831321 Flower-brier brown non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-INF24831321
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF11469102 Uni taupe-gray non-woven wallpaper shimmering
Item no.: 36-INF11469102
6,12 €/m61,55€*63,45 €
36-INF23866501 Casa Deco Infinity silver-gray diamonds non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-INF23866501
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
36-INF24876104 Casa Deco Infinity strips non-woven wallpaper beige, petrol-blue
Item no.: 36-INF24876104
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
36-INF24886117 Casa Deco Infinity petrol-blue decor fabric flower tendrils
Item no.: 36-INF24886117
50,63 €/m50,63€*52,21 €
36-INF14981102 Casa Deco Infinity non-woven wallpaper creme Uni
Item no.: 36-INF14981102
5,74 €/m57,67€*59,45 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF14981233 Uni non-woven wallpaper cream-gray
Item no.: 36-INF14981233
5,74 €/m57,67€*59,45 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF11459310 matt black Uni non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-INF11459310
5,74 €/m57,67€*59,45 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF24855103 non-woven wallpaper flower tendrils dark-gray
Item no.: 36-INF24855103
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
Casa Deco Infinity 36-INF24844128 leaves non-woven wallpaper gray
Item no.: 36-INF24844128
7,06 €/m70,91€*73,10 €
36-INF24820106 Casa Deco Infinity shimmering non-woven wallpaper creme Uni
Item no.: 36-INF24820106
5,74 €/m57,67€*59,45 €
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Casadeco is a French wallpaper manufacturer and is characterized by unique patterns and designs with premium materials and finishes. With the wallpaper collection Infinity Casadeco has developed beautiful fleece wallpaper for living room, bedroom and hallway.

In this collection of the Natural look is in the focus. Flowers, leaves and vines adorn the walls as motifs. The natural colors and contrasting accent colors such as purple-violet or teal-blue patterns come to wonderful effect.

The highlight of the wallpapers is the fine shimmer, which makes the surfaces and contours in the foreground. In certain light thus the pattern is particularly beautiful to light.

Among the major natural patterns are color-coordinated uni wallpapers and strip wallpaper can paper. The combination of patterned wallpapers, uni wallpapers and / or strip wallpaper you make your living spaces in a harmonious and comfortable living style.

For entertainment and uniform interior design wear matching decorative fabrics with floral motif at. The decorative fabrics are easy to decorate as a curtain at the window and complete the overall picture perfectly.

Give your walls in the living room, bedroom or hallway a natural look and put through shimmering surfaces extravagant touches.

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