Casadeco - Idylle - non-woven wallpapers in gold and silver with glossy effects for living and dining rooms

The luxurious non-woven wallpaper collection Idylle by Casadeco combines different patterns, strong colours and noble shades like gold and silver and offers with coated patterns and glossy prints - everything you need for a bit more luxury in your home.

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swab blue gold non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-IDYL83866530
5,20 €/m52,21€*
Rose non-woven wallpaper Uni
Item no.: 36-IDYL83884136
4,82 €/m48,44€*
non-woven wallpaper wood look gold
Item no.: 36-IDYL83852320
5,20 €/m52,21€*
Rosegold non-woven wallpaper swab
Item no.: 36-IDYL83864109
5,20 €/m52,21€*
Botanical non-woven wallpaper blue
Item no.: 36-IDYL83826537
5,20 €/m52,21€*
Non-woven wallpaper pattern rose
Item no.: 36-IDYL83844134
5,20 €/m52,21€*
wooden handle wallpaper silver grey
Item no.: 36-IDYL83851202
5,20 €/m52,21€*
wallpaper non-woven clouds blue
Item no.: 36-IDYL83876527
5,20 €/m52,21€*
Mural landscape sunset
Item no.: 36-IDYL83952593
414,00 €/Stück414,00€*
Botany non-woven wallpaper cream
Item no.: 36-IDYL83821210
5,20 €/m52,21€*
Rose circles non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-IDYL83814114
8,32 €/m83,60€*
Waves beige non-woven wallpaper
Item no.: 36-IDYL83831212
5,20 €/m52,21€*
non-woven wallpaper anthracite grey
Item no.: 36-IDYL83849317
5,20 €/m52,21€*
non-woven wallpaper wood look green
Item no.: 36-IDYL83857522
5,20 €/m52,21€*
uniapete non-woven dark grey
Item no.: 36-IDYL83889316
4,82 €/m48,44€*
Silver Grey Wavy Wallpaper
Item no.: 36-IDYL83839129
5,20 €/m52,21€*
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Noble shades, eye-catching patterns and glamorous glossy effects create a very special living ambience at your home. Treat yourself to a little luxury, whether for the hall, the living room or the dining room - with the Idylle non-woven wallpaper collection by Casadeco you will definitely find the right luxury for your living area.

Uni wallpapers in combination with eye-catching patterned wallpapers create variety and are really interesting. Silver, gold and rose gold are exclusive and elegant and soft pinks and grays contrast beautifully with intense green and dark blue.

Gilded and silvered embossed patterns provide an extraordinary haptic experience, shimmering and shining like metal.

Patterns reminiscent of clouds let your mind wander into the distance as well as wavy patterns reminiscent of mountain landscapes.

Large flowers as a nature motif look expressive and decorate your walls, whether with restrained white-silver colour combinations or strong contrasts such as white and blue or green and gold in a very special way.

Other pattern variants such as large circles, geometric rectangles or wildly scattered spots complete the wide variety of patterns.

In the idyllic non-woven wallpaper collection you can therefore choose from soft shades such as pink, beige and gray. Or you choose even from strong shades such as blue, green, silver or gold.

Bring a touch of luxury to the wall in your home.

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